Friday, January 21, 2011
Hi all,
Another Friday and here's my favorite thing this Friday :
Maggi Noodles!!!

As kids I and my brothers used to make this often... My culinary skills were VERY limited... Tea, Coffee, Sandwiches (mom had to cut the veggies though) and Maggi! That was all I could make... LOL...

But we kids used to have a blast of a time making and eating this... By eighth grade I had learnt a new recipe to make this which I'll share with you today... 

First boil the Maggi noodles in water for about a minute. Drain. Wash with cold water and keep aside.
In a pan heat some butter. Add a couple of green chillies. The Tastemaker from the packet, some tomato ketchup / sauce and a little water. Let it simmer. Add the boiled noodles and stir for a minute. 

Serve hot with a cube of butter on top!!! Watch the butter melt while you drown in the taste!!!

This was a life saver!!! LOL.. I have enjoyed writing this so much that I'm going to make edit I already made myself some school style Maggi right now ( And its almost bedtime)...

So thats my favorite thing this Friday... Whats yours??? Join the gang at Mrs. P's and share...

Cheers and have fun!!!


  1. My son was a noodle freak too but not with all those chillies!

  2. I alwasy thought two minute noodles were DISGUSTING until a friend gave me a recipe for them a few months ago with a singaporean influence. Now I make them all the time.

    Not sure I can go with the tomato sauce /chillies/butter combo as a regular but I'm willing to give it a try !

  3. My daughter loves two minute noodles but not the flavourings that come in the packet, she usually just adds tomato ketchup.

  4. I'll have to see if I can find the noodles out here and give it a try .. the family eats top ramen all the time but we've never branched out.

  5. Thanks for sharing your favorite noodles with us. I also enjoy reading the comments above; it's interesting to learn occidental perspectives on instant noodles.


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