Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SSF Post # 1 : I Have a Notion {Organization by Clover & Violet}

Have you ever rushed to the fabric/quilt shop to get a notion you needed, only to get home and find out you already had it? This used to happen to me constantly. All my thread, ribbon, buttons, snaps, and the like were floating around in a big box, and I couldn't find a thing {until I went out and replaced it...then it would turn right up!}. I've learned now that a little organization goes a long way.

This is my beautiful functional notions organizer.  Since I'd rather spend my money on fabric, I don't have a lovely way of organizing my thread, needles, etc., instead I keep them in these plastic drawers {which I've thought about covering with fabric...just haven't gotten around to it}.

And these are the secret to my organization. I keep everything sorted together in zippie bags {some new and some recycled from fabric purchases}. For me, these zippie bags are perfect because they are clear, take up no space {only what's inside them}, and they can be reused!

I keep all sorts of liquids in the bottom drawer {paint, glue, etc.}, along with my thread, which is arranged in bags by brand and type {quilting, all purpose, embroidery, serger}.

The next drawer houses closures {I keep the various kinds together because I often only have one or two of each}, Velcro, elastic, needles, and other common notions and a few miscellaneous things.

In the top I keep my prettier notions: ribbon, ric rac, zippers, fabric salvages {I'm just starting to collect these!}, and basting safety pins in a little Tupperware container.

There are also a few notions I use more often, like pins, seam ripper {use that one a lot!}, and sewing needles, and I keep these on the window ledge in front of my ironing board, that way they are in easy reach.  I also keep some safety pins and buttons in cute little jars, just for a decorative touch.

My final notions storage is at my cutting table, I keep a couple rotary cutters, scissors, more pincushions, and some pins nearby.  I also keep my in use thread and bobbins here.  I wish the idea of using a golf tee to match the bobbin with the treat was my idea, but alas, I saw it in a magazine {it works great though!}.

While this may not be the most elaborate or beautiful system of organization, it really works for me, would fit in nearly any location, and is very affordable.

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  1. I love your sewing space...

    I am a new sewer (just 2 years) and I have never had the space for a sewing spot - until now. We just moved in Aug. and I am getting a sewing corner in the basement.

    Thanks for some inspiration!

  2. I love the golf tee solution! Not knowing if I have a bobbin wound with a particular thread really, really annoys me. I'm off to get myself some golf tees ASAP to help get me sorted!

    Thanks for the great ideas for notions storage - this is a real problem for me!

  3. love the ideas...they are simple but get te job done

  4. Would you like to come organize mine now? :-)

    It all looks great, even the "unpretty" stuff.

  5. I agree about organization. I cant function if I cant find what I need. I cant find what I need if its not organized. I couldnt be organized if I didnt have a space to organize in. It was a vicious cycle. I go tid of a bed and other furniture that was not being used, Ididnt care about and organized my space. You have a lovely space.

  6. Beautiful Sewing space :)
    Thanks for sharing!


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