Friday, January 21, 2011

SSF Post # 6 : WIP Storage by Meghan

Hi all, today we have another wonderful blogger, Meghan who is really organized with her WIP storage... I have yet to take my organization beyond my fabric, notion storage and my mailing system... But here's a little inspiration for all those who would like!

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Hello everyone!  My name is Meghan and you can find me over at  I started quilting at the beginning of 2010 when my husband left on yet another deployment with the Army.  I wanted something that would help me de-stress.  HA!  It was not that way at first with quilting, but it became more therapeutic as time went on and now I am hooked!  Often times my projects are far from blissful, and being a military wife keeps my life, for lack of a better word, chaotic-- so I love that I have a peaceful, and sometimes orderly room that I use for crafting and relaxing.  Here is a little glimpse into my sewing space:

I feel rather smitten to be honored enough to show off my uber SIMPLE system for keeping all my quilting works in progress organized.  My crafting things are currently sharing the guest bedroom.  This is actually proving to work out really nicely because the furniture has a lot of storage for different fabrics, notions, and supplies, and the closet is solely devoted to housing different crafting supplies! 

 The table you see to the left was actually a 30 dollar Wal-Mart table that folds down and is stored behind the bookcase when guest come to stay.  It functions as both my sewing table/cutting area.  Another very important fixture in my sewing room is my VERY inquisitive and devoted helper Oscar, the cat.  I am pretty sure he thinks that he keeps things afloat and all my projects on time! He also is quite the fabric connoisseur, and sewing machine lover he makes sure he is near when I sew often times trying to get in my lap.  To keep my helper away from the quilts that I am working on I had to find a way to store them in the closet away from him.  

For the most part everything that I am working on will be given a hanger.  Each hanger will house the fabric, strips that have already been cut, and rows that have already been sewed.  I also rely heavily on small bags that go on the top part of the hangers that hold all of my small pieces that have already been cut.  The manila folder you see is where my bee block things are held.  The envelope is already addressed for mailing and holds all the fabrics/instructions/scraps/and the block.  I was petrified that somehow or another all of the bee block supplies would get lost. 

For works that are already too big, or that I am in the process of quilting are housed on the hanging quilt rack in the room. 

This helps to keep them well ironed after they have been ironed and easily accessible to the sewing machine.  The last aspect to my system is my pseudo design space. 

Here I can lay out a small area of blocks; I normally number them and then will put them in a bag, on the hanger once the layout has been finalized.  It is hard sometimes with my helper to lay out blocks on the floor, and the floor space in the room is not that large so this works out nicely especially for smaller projects.  Thanks again Shruti for letting me show my sewing space!  Happy Friday all!


  1. This is a great idea, but I couldn't do this... I HATE coathangers with a passion, I seem to have a battle with them daily and they ALWAYS win.

  2. The more organised I see other quilters the more jealous I become. I wish I had a spare room/built in closets, etc but for now the dining room table will suffice and my girls old toy boxes do hold a lot of fabric. Only downside is having to unpack the lot if you want to see what is hiding in them.

    I do have a good system for reducing my fabric stash though. Get it all out of the boxes and before I know it my two girls have helped themselves to all sorts. They are becoming good little quilters though and that is worth any amount of fabric to see them creating on their own.

  3. Very nice organization. I like to hang my quilts once they are ready for quilting, but I might try it in earlier stages, too.

    Just a question? What is a bee block?

  4. It's lovely to see the way others organise their creative spaces.

    Hope you enjoyed your snack!

    Has your hexie flower arrived yet? I posted it over a couple of weeks ago now.

  5. I really need to get organized. Hopefully some of these will help me.

  6. I like the quilt rack in your room to store quilts in progress on. Great ideas thanks for sharing!

  7. Really well organised and beautifull space. Here in India, sewing is not given much importance in most homes.All women are supposed to know sewing just like they know cooking. I don't know of any other Indian women who has a dedicated space for sewing in their house other then Shruti ofcourse. Shruti sure has been very different and very independent then most other women in India. She sure does inspire me to do my own thing. Kudos to you Shruti and I love your blog


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