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SSF Post # 7 : Shay's Sewing Table

Today we have the multi-talented and wonderful Shay from Quilting in my Pyjamas telling us about her Sewing Table... She is a lady whom I love to read! Her sense of humor is amazing... And her spirit is inspiring! Her sewing table is fab! Have a peek...

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Hi I’m Shay from Quilting in My Pyjamas. Pop on over and visit me some time at
When Shruti offered me the opportunity to guest post for her Sewing Spaces Focus, I jumped at the chance.  So get comfy, grab a cup of tea and a Tim Tam and let’s have a look at my sewing table.

I spent years sewing at my kitchen table. This naturally meant dragging the sewing machine out and setting everything up. That meant that most of the time it was too hard to put the sewing machine away and so it would sit for the duration of the project on the kitchen table.  Sometimes that was weeks. Many a lamb roast has formerly been eaten at Maison Pyjamas accompanied by chenille fluff and off cuts of thread and quilting pins threatening to invade your plate. It made eating the simplest of meals quite exciting because you never knew what would end up in your mouth.

When my grandmother passed away a few years ago I inherited her sewing cabinet.  So this sewing cabinet was really the impetus for me setting up my sewing room.  Setting up the sewing room was a drama in itself since we had young people moving in and out constantly so sometimes I had a dedicated space and sometimes I didn’t.  Eventually everyone moved out at the same time , we changed the locks , decreed our house a no go zone for anyone under 30 , and I set up my sewing room with this sewing cabinet which matches nothing else in the room but has great sentiment attached to it for me.

It’s your average every day sewing cabinet but everything I need is close at hand, and exactly where I can find it. And not a lamb roast in sight although you may find chocolate hidden in the drawers on occasion. Purely for energy during those long sewing stints!

I have my sewing machine with one of those cool doovalackeys that hydraulically lifts it up and down, which is fabulous for when I want to change sewing machines.  I have table space and I have my bits and bobs to the right.

I keep a digital photo frame on the side to keep me inspired with all the rotating photos of my work (and of other  people’s things that have inspired me ) That’s an Esha doll from Shruti herself and an angel from Mistea Crafts to watch over my sewing. The pincushion was made by Marg at Sunshine?Paradise for my birthday last year (aren’t blogland friends wonderful?)

I keep all my little scissors and markers, screwdrivers and what nots in this little container for easy access. Those pencils belonged to my grandfather and are probably older than I am since he passed on about 38 years ago. I love using them.

See this pink book? I just started writing down all my quilting ideas in this book instead of scrappy bits of paper that get lost. It’s the best organisational tool ever. Since I work on more than one quilt at a time, I write down things like what stitch length or colour thread I use for each quilt so I don’t forget. I should really cover that book and make it pretty. Ideas for future quilts get written down as inspiration strikes.

The drawers are full of all the things I need. (I’m not sure why I need that many thimbles since I’ve never used one in my life- but if I ever do I have a plethora of them ) Those unpickers sure get a workout some days.

I don’t think I’ll ever run out of needles. Some of those are vintage!

Scissors and tape measures. 

Every type of glue known to man. Doesn’t everyone use glue on their quilts? I’m in love with the staple gun...

This is where I hide things I can no longer look at with affection. (That’s my windmill quilt – we’re not speaking at the moment)

I’m confessing I was actually forced to tidy my sewing table for the photo’s NEVER that tidy. Genius is messy you know.
Thanks for dropping by for a look at my creative space!



  1. OMG You're SO organized!!! I'm going to clean right now!! ; )

  2. I are so organized. I love the idea of a notebook nearby to write ideas in. That's something I need to do. I have little scraps of paper sitting around...too messy.

  3. What a lovely sewing cabinet you have inherited from you grandmother!
    this was an interesting post - thanks for sharing :)

  4. Ladies, I'm completely disorganised. If only you could have seen that room this morning. I had to pick my way in to the sewing machine by a small pathway and find my way out by following the trail of chocolate I left for myself !

  5. That is a very tidy work space! Your grandfather's pencils brought back some happy memories for me too.

  6. Love the sewing table. I just use a desk and sometimes it's not the most helpful when I'm sewing. Love the notebook idea.

  7. I sew at a card table! That looks like a pretty awesome table! I love compartments!!

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