Thursday, January 27, 2011

SSF Post # 9 : Susanne's Sewing Table

Today's guest is also one of my Flickr friends... She has been with me (but never partnered, not yet) in a lot of swaps and her work is really great... And so is her sewing room... I learnt to use  what I already had to make a great room from her! Go have a look at her space, and dont you all forget to be a follower & leave a comment to win some fabulous threads (who can have enough of them!) from our own, The Fat Quarter Shop

I saw that Shruti was looking for sewists to talk about their sewing spaces and of course I thought there's NO WAY I'd want my sewing room all over the internet. It's probably the most uninspiring place on earth. Like a lot of you we are in a rental, so we can only do so much. OK, OK....even if I were to work around the blue walls and YES blue carpet I'm still not very good at interior decorating....

I kept seeing people respond by saying things like they used their kitchen table or didn't really have a dedicated space. I realized that I was pretty privileged to have an entire room dedicated to me and my sewing stuff. (Mostly my own room--my kids have an art table in my sewing room, and inevitability toys end up scattered around in here.)

Oh, and just to make my self feel a little better about my relatively bland space, I did a little photoshop magic on my pics!

sewing table  lux
I too sew on my kitchen table. I sewed SO frequently on my kitchen table I finally just came to terms with the fact that we needed another place to eat. We bought a new kitchen with the agreement that NO sewing/crafting would take place in the dinning room. Of course this also meant I needed a sewing space. We decided that our "guest room"  would be used as my sewing space and visitors would be left to fight over the couch or find a hotel. You see how this is a win win for EVERYONE involved as MOST people opt to stay in a hotel ; )
sewing space (13 of 16) lux

I'm an "unorganized organized" person. At first glance things don't look very organized, but I know exactly where everything is at. I keep the things I use on a day to day basis in this little box you see above. Things like my darning foot, my walking foot, my 1/4inch guide foot, seam ripper (unfortunately I DO need it almost EVERYTIME I's pretty lame.) and my little screw driver. 
sewing space (12 of 16) lux

I keep most of my sharps and smaller grids in this box (on top of my "Big scraps" box) My kids know not to touch it, but if we have other tots visiting I always move it.
sewing space (11 of 16) lux

This box sits on top of the table and all of the things that I use frequently, but maybe not everyday live here. Most important things are obviously the rotary cutter and Bee's Wax!! I wax my needle if I'm going to be sewing something thicker than two pieces of cotton. I do this because I bee farmer I met over the summer told me it was good practice. I don't think he sews, but he knew a thing or two about bees wax, so that's what I do. I also have my "Lucky Lights" which I was SO excited to have found over the holidays. You know the bubble gum cigis that we used to be able to get as kids, but them became a bad influence?! I bought a bunch for stocking stuffers (for the adults in my life) and kept a box for myself. They make me smile. 
sewing space (7 of 16) lux

Some of the photos are blurred to protect the innocent ; ) This is probably the most important thing around me. Seeing those beautiful smiling faces and the thoughtfulness that goes behind sending physical photos. (Don't worry friends, if you didn't make this space it's likely your face is on my fridge haha!!)

I keep my smaller scraps in baby wipe containers. Mostly because we get a new one every time I buy a box of baby wipes. I have a few you can't see (warm scraps, cold scraps, black/grey, white and "I don't know which box you belong in") Once the box is packed I'll sort it and let the kids cut and glue pieces that I'm willing to part with. This helps me with the scraps hording issue.
sewing space (9 of 16) lux

I have quite a bit of space under the table, so all of the batting and fleece gets hidden away down there too.
sewing space lux

If I'm sitting at my table my desk is directly behind me. It has one of those AMAZING side shelves that I just adore!! (and clearly have packed to the brim with...stuff)  
sewing space (4 of 16) lux

So here's a different angle, where you get a view of the desk.
sewing space (5 of 16) lux

To the right of that is where all of the (non fleece) goodness is stored.
sewing space (6 of 16) lux

So there you have it. My sewing space!! Did I leave anything out? Do you have any questions? Let me know!!! Also, I've double booked myself, so if you want to wander over the Gen X Quilters I have a little feature there today, too.

Thanks again, Shruti for having me do a guest post!! As my little pay it forward I'm doing a little give away on my blog! Come on by and say HI!!

I'll see you all in blog land and on flickr!!!

Susanne (Sujen101 on Flickr)


  1. I've always thought where would people store batting and fleece stuff since it occupies a whole lot of space... Now I know where. Now I understand the importance of discussing not only about the project but about sewing space as well....Thanks Sruti!!!

  2. Thanks again for letting me show off my space!! I'm all giddy over it : D

  3. Hi Susanne, love your space. Looks like a LOT of creativity goes on there!

    I really need to get some colour cards....thanks for the reminder!


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