Friday, January 7, 2011

Where have I been???

Have you been wondering about where I have vanished after telling you that I'm going to get a feast for you in the coming weeks??? 

Well, I have been working hard, and considering the fact that I had to attend one engagement party, 3 weddings + allied events (I have been to 2 dinners and 1 lunch of a single wedding since yesterday)... I finnnnaly (to hell with you spellcheck.. I mean all those nnn's) am sinking into my (okay not mine, my dad's) chair and writing this post...

Weddings in India are an elaborate affair!!! Its all so festive and colorful... I really love attending them... I love wearing sarees and jewellery... I love meeting people after a long time and catching up on everything going around...

I had a lot of fun for the past few days... I spent a lot of time with my parents AND my brother... I guess it must have been more than an year since it has been only the four of us in our house in Satara! 

And while all this was going on, I was contacting people everywhere to bring them here for guest posting about their sewing spaces... I have been all over blogland and flickrland... Appealing people to show us their sewing spaces... Okay I have begged some.. And yeah, I have bullied some of them... Even bribed them...  But yes, there will be a whole galore of people coming over to meet you... Right here at 13 Woodhouse Road and they are bringing their sewing spaces with them... 

Some have had to clean up piles of fabric to locate the Camera, while some super organized ones are ready with their posts!

Here's the deal :

Week 1 : 10 Jan - 16 Jan : Quilting Notions Organization
Week 2 : 17 Jan - 23 Jan : WIP Storage
Week 3 : 24 Jan - 30 Jan : Sewing Table
Week 4 : 31 Jan - 06 Feb : Fabric Stash Storage
Week 5 : 07 Feb - 13 Feb : Scrap System
Week 6 : 14 Feb - 20 Feb : Cutting Table
Week 7 : 21 Feb - 27 Feb : Feature Elements

There will be liny fun too... So all those of you who cannot do a guest post, do put in a picture relevant to the week in the linky party every week and win fabulous prizes from my awesome sponsors...

Stay tuned for all the fun!!!


Another pictureless post????? Naahhh...

This is my favorite one from my engagement party pics!!!

See the smiles on our faces??? Thats what being in love is all about... Missing DH a lot today!!!

Cheers again!!!

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  1. What a lovely photo of you and your now husband.

    Our next door neighbours are from Southern India and theyve told me all about how grand Indian weddings can be, and how the celebrations can go on for a week!

    I cant wait to see other people's sewing spaces.


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