Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winners on a Sunday Morning!!!

I'm so glad that things are rolling well on the home health front... :) 
I realized one thing when Rohit has been feeling unwell, like thousands of Indian Women, I depend a lot on him for even small things... Just yesterday, I had to change the LPG cylinder at home... He does it everytime... I did it for the first time, and believe me, lugging that HEAVY thing up 18 steps is no joke! He does that everytime (once in two months)

I am hoping he gets back to normal soon... He'll need a couple of days rest though... Thank you guys for all the kind words... You dont know how much it comforted me...


On another front, I used my ever favorite to draw the winners of this week...

Heather who said "I sew at a card table! That looks like a pretty awesome table! I love compartments!! Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs" has won the Amy Butler Soul Blossoms thread 

Robin who said "I hear ya! Most men don't do "sick" very well! I hope everyone at your house is feeing better soon!" has won the Metller's Quilting Essentials Gift Set!!!

Also since I have no way to contact last weeks winner Jenny, I used the Random thingy to generate another winner
Peach Rainbow who said "I'm sure making a Sudoku Quilt will be as interesting as the game :)" has won the Sudoku Quilt Kit!

Now, you lucky girls, email me with your addresses and your prizes will be on their way!

I have made some progress on my DQS 10 quilt... Its a story about 3 girls chatting over a cup of tea... I've decided to call it "a cuppa and a catchup" the title taken directly from the name of one of my favorite blogs! 

Here's what they are talking,

Marilyn (the one who actually sent me the wonderful fabric) says "I think I must leave now, girls. I have a dentist appointment" But in fact all that she has on mind is a luxe bath!

Next I'm saying to my partner "______, I really enjoyed making that quilt for you" but all the while I'm thinking how difficult it is to let that quilt go!

And lastly, my partner says to me "Shruti, your sewing room is looking wonderful" And in her mind she's thinking thats its just because I have a broken machine! LOL

Here's the panel

a cuppa and a catchup! - the main panel

I have finished the embroidery and the conversation applique! This is my second attempt at hand embroidery, and I think I've done GREAT!!! I'm happy with myself...

My current work

And now the panel is in my current work bin!!! I am targeting the completion of this one by the end of next week! Do you like it partner???

I did something else this week :

My scraps!

I finished going through all my scraps!!! A-L-L of them... And sorted them... Now, I'm planning to cut them all up :

5" Squares
2.5" squares
4" Squares
1.5" strips

I guess I'll get that done by The Scrap Storage Week!!!

I also have two other surprises for you guys next week... And one of you is going to get lucky too!!! Need some help with organizing your studio??? I'd suggest you keep a lot of snaps ready... We're having someone special come over and help one of you out!!! Want to know more????

Wait for some time... Good things come to those who wait, don't they???



  1. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

    I love how organised your fabric looks Shruti. Mine is dotted all over the sewing room.

  2. I love your idea for the DQS10! Your fabric stash looks great. How did you decide on the sizes to cut the fabrics. I am trying to decide what would work for me cos I am wanting to cut a lot of mine and organize it.

    Congratulations to the winners!


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