Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SSF Post # 11 : Fabric Stash Storage

Today's guest is Tiffany, better known as tigglegiggles both in blogland & flickrland... She is one organized lady who runs the 3x6 sampler mini bee so well! I'm amazed at the little-ness of her stash! Maybe thats the reason for her being so organized!

Go have a look...

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First of all let me say thanks to Shruti for asking me to be a guest blogger!  I'm Tiffany and I love fabric!!!  My fabric storage has most recently been in storage bins so it feels good to finally pull the fabric out and have a home for it.  I am lucky to have a large room in my basement where I can have a studio and store my fabric and craft supplies.


Fabric Stash Storage can be stressful.  The decision on how to store fabrics whether it is based on size, project, color, theme/type or designer can be a hard one.

For the longest time I kept my fabrics organized by desinger but that was frustrating when I wanted to look for a certain color or make color specific projects.

I now store my fabric in three catagories:

Fat Quarters
Half Yards and Up

And by color:


Here are the fabrics that are over a fat quarter in size and organized by color category.
Half Yards and Up Storage

Here are the fat quarters.  Fat quarters are easy to keep in color stacks also depending on what you are using for storage.

Fat Quarter Storage

My scrap storage is in open wire bins that I picked up at a swap meet and are easy to see into.  I also modified my color categories and store the scraps in five containers as follows:

I do keep some fabric in collections especially if I know I want to use the fabrics together in a quilt.  Since those are project specific then the fabrics are stored in a box under the table.

Scrap Storage

I hope you give some thought to storing your fabric in color categories ... it sure made a difference for me.

I'll be sharing more pictures of my studio on my on blog and would love for you to stop by and say hi!


  1. I too keep mine done by colors, I even put my fat quarters next to the yardage stuff, and sort the scraps by color too. Makes a world of difference when you just want one 3 inch square of yellow, or you need a green HST.

  2. I keep mine mostly by fabric line/project... but I mostly buy fabric for a specific project... and ultimately have very little fabric comparatively. I'm way jealous of a stash that's that big to need organizing!

  3. ahhh I wish mine looked like that - I'm ashamed to say that over Summer everything sewing related has been hidden in a wardrobe. I can't wait to get it all out again though

  4. I love seeing fabric organized by color. It's just so pretty to look at!

  5. I wish my stash was that organized. I really like seeing it arrainged by color. That is something I do want to get accomplished.

  6. The organized stacks of FQs look so yummy ;D

  7. Serious eye candy there !

    I organise mine by fabric collection , but your way looks so much prettier!

  8. Oh the green eyed monster lurks in me. I want that big a stash, I want to be that organised and I want a space I can be organised in. I also want to show my husband all these photos so he will understand that I don't have NEARLY ENOUGH fabric. Think I shall have to go order some more. I am sure I will have a sewing room of my own some day! A girl can dream.

  9. Wow! You have a beautifully, organized space! I could use these ideas, thanks for sharing.


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