Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SSF Post # 12 : I am a Lisa Work!

Today's guest, once again is from my numerous flickr friends... Lisa's work is so crisp (thats the first word that came to my mind when I saw it) and fresh! I love it... And now, I love her studio too!

Go have a look...



Hi everyone. I'm Lisa, known to the
flickr/blog world as  imalisawork. Shruti invited me over
to share my sewing room and fabric storage with you.I have been sewing for a couple of years but have only been serious and completely fabric obsessed for about 10 months. I've acquired a lot in that short time. My fabric storage 'system' is unique to me because I have such a great apartment. I live in Chicago
and picked my current place solely for the space I wished to be a
craft room. It is a 1920s building complete with a formal dining room and a fantastic built-in. The formal dining room has become my craft room.

This first picture is just a quick view of my sewing table
to give you an idea of the size of the room (it's huge!!!)

This is my built-in that holds
all of my fabric:

I use the cabinets on either end to store fabric. There were several shelves that were adjustable but I have removed them. I prefer to store my fabric in plastic bins (the cabinet smells a little musty) and stack them. My bins are from the Container
Store and meant for sweaters. I picked them because they
are clear, I like their size and that they are

I try to sort out my prints by color. Most of my fabric falls into two bins: "red, yellow, orange & pink" and "blue & green". There are a few small bins for purple, grey, brown, and black. My favorite bin is filled with all the multicolored fabric that I am not sure how to designate. If there was a fire and I only had time to grab one thing it would probably be this bin. I also have a bin that is just for solids. Most of the bins are storage for any cut of fabric over a full fat quarter. I have a separate bin where I keep fat quarters that have been cut into and consider these large scraps. I also have a bin
that is just small scraps. And of course a small bin for my selvedge collection. 

That is how I
like to store my fabric. Thanks for checking out my space!


  1. Love those clear containers :)
    Thanks for sharing your lovely sewing space with us!

  2. Love your house. Love your storage solutions!

    I must be the only sewing type person who doesnt store by colour!

  3. Great room! Great Storage piece. It looks like you have amazing light in your room.

  4. What a fantastic sewing room... I love that built-in cabinet!


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