Today's guest is again Sandi Holtman. Remember the amazing Quilting Notions wall from the first week??? This time she's showing you her  feature elements... More pictures rather than words!!!



I love far more about my sewing room than just the functionality (although it’s a terrific workspace).  

I picked the crazy color,  squeezed in every bit of storage I could, added an overstuffed chair for quiet time and a tv to keep me company during blissful sewing and crafting marathons. 

It’s simply my space, full of little things that are meaningful to me, and every piece is a reminder of the people and things I love. What could be better than that?


  1. What a beautiful working space ..

  2. I just love your work space. It looks so neat and comfy. Great job!

  3. Beautiful workspace! while your colour choice would not be mine, it looks fabulous - a wonderful little retreat. I love your words around the ceiling, and your nice comfy armchair. Thank you for my ideas for my dream space|!

  4. I'm not as bold or confident in bold colors either, but I love what brave people can do...things look so exciting! Lovely!

  5. I love all those pretty jars of scraps. I need to do something like that.


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