Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anyone in or near Milwaukee? Or Chicago? Or NY?

Hey all, does anyone of you stay anywhere near or in Milwaukee / Chicago / NY? 

I need some help there.

A friend of mine is coming down there some time in April. And if there are any lovely Local Quilt Shops around you, I wanted someone to buy stuff for me, which he will collect from you. I'll send you the money via paypal or with him (whatever way you prefer). I would have asked him to visit the quilt shops, but I really am not sure about his ability to choose stuff. LOL. Add to that the fact that he's the best friend of my little brother. ;)


  1. Too bad he is not coming to Washington, D.C. - I could really help you out!

  2. My friend went to the States and ordered everything on line beforehand and had it delivered to the last place she was staying before she came home.

  3. Just go to and it will go to the major phone book directory. Just type in Fabric Shop and the city and you will get a list so long....


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