Friday, March 25, 2011

A colorful post

A lot has been happening on the quilting front and I will reveal it soon... After the success of the Sewing Spaces Focus I'm working hard to bring to you something equally or maybe even more interesting! Hint : There will be lot more splashes of color!

Meanwhile, yesterday was Rangpanchami! The day kiddo finally got to play color! He enjoyed a lot... Was not ready to get into the house... But scared that he'll catch a cold, I got him in... I played with him too... It was fun! 




I remember last year he was scared of people who were drenched in color... But this year he was so excited. He woke up very early... And then put color on everyone in the house! My living room floor has not been the same ever since!

But it was wonderful... It was his first Rangpanchami...

As kids, we used to play colors for a long time... I really missed my brothers yesterday... :) It was a day full of pranks!

And I also remember when I was staying at a girls hostel while studying Architecture, we had played so much that there was no water left to wash ourselves afterwards. We went and saw a movie (I think it was Titanic) to kill time till the tank was filled for us again, as we could not even enter our rooms and sit for the fear of staining everything...

This day sure brings the best memories to me and I'm glad that Aadi will be having wonderful ones of his own too... :)



  1. He looks like he had a ball!

  2. Looking like you both had loads of fun - good to teach 'em young!

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate life and colour! My boys would be right into that.


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