Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cricket Fever!!!

Now, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 has been going on in India (along with our lovely neighbors Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) for quiet some time now... But you haven't seen me mentioning anything about it... Didn't you wonder if I did not share the passion of my fellow countrymen who can be wild when it comes to cricket!

I did share that passion untill a few years back... I came from a family of cricket fanatics... By fanatics, I mean, serious fanatics... If someone is in the loo and the team starts playing well, we made that guy stay there for the entire time... And somehow, it worked! (Don't you wonder how sports and superstitions go along) And if our team did not win, we knew whom to blame! LOL...

It was my turn during the 2003 World Cup... I watched the first match India played (it was against Australia) and we lost. The next match we were loosing again (I do not remember whom was it against) so I just gave up and went out with Mom to do a couple of quick errands... And surprisingly the team started playing better... Dont ask me how me watching Tendulkar on TV makes him nervous... I guess we're soul mates... LOL... Dad called me up on my cell and told us to stay out of the house - till the match was over! I and Mom had a ball of a time (no dinner to worry about! We ate out - at Dad's expense, of course!) And we won the match! This was repeated at every single match till the semifinals! I and Mom spent so much of time together and had fun! When India reached the finals we thought maybe the jinx had been broken... And we watched the finals... Do you know what happened??? Of course, Australia won!!! And I was blamed for it!!! LOL!!!

Ever since, I gradually stopped watching our matches and surprisingly India kept on winning a lot many... Just last weekend, I was watching the India - Australia match (my Dad and my brothers had warned me to stay away from the TV but I thought it has been too many years and Tendulkar might have forgotten me by now) but alas... The spell still remains... We played really badly at that time... After a while we went out for dinner and there was a TV there with the match (Its a common sight in all restaurants when the World Cup is on) and I sat with my back to the TV... You know what happened?? 


Now you know the credit entirely does not go to Dhoni (the captain) for winning the match... :-P

So tomorrow is the most important match in this world cup! A semi-final that is sure to be more important than the final itself! A semi-final between arch-rivals 

India and Pakistan!

I will receive calls from my family not to watch the match, but this time, I'm not doing it for free! I'm goign to charge them... Think how much fabric can $100 buy!!! Whats a match (the repeat telecast of which I can always watch!) in comparison to that... 

What do you think I should buy with it???

Maybe some more Echino!

Or some fun prints???

Do suggest me things...

BTW, there's going to be a lot more new stuff in my shop soon... And not just quilting related... Wait for it...
Hint : Its wood... Its bright colored... Its fun... And its damn cheap!!! (nothing more that 20$!!! YAY!!!)

It can come anytime now... I need to get hold of DH's camera again... 

Till then, guess who will win the match!!! And keep India in your prayers!!! Go India Go!!!



  1. I love your idea of charging them for you to stay away! You have a devious mind :)

  2. Go India. Ignore the family and watch the game. Hawthorne Threads have some great new prints. I like the Joel Dewberry Aviary II collection in Aqua.
    P.S If India play Australia - go Aussie go!


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