Monday, March 14, 2011

Friday Night Sew In - Take 2

Last month, I had signed up for FNSI... But conditions on the home front did not permit me to get any sewing done... I've signed up again this month... And I'm determined to go ahead with it...

Plan # 1 : Dont put down kiddo for a nap in the afternoon. That way even if DH is busy, kiddo will sleep much earlier than his usual time and I can sew! (Grin)

Plan # 2 : Get dinner prepared and housework done by 3 pm! Dont waste time on the computer while DS is at school. Work on the daily chores at that time.

Plan # 3 : Prepare the dining room for sewing  in the evening. Clean the room thoroughly, clean the machine. Put everything in place. Then get all fabric that you need and keep it in sight. Work on the patterns so that you know what you're going to do. Put the spare cutting mat on the dining table and the machine on the computer table. (My sewing room is right next to my bedroom. And I dont want to disturb either of my men during the night.

Plan # 4 : Keep some snacks ready. As well as a thermos full of Hot Chocolate!

Plan # 5 : Keep i-Pod fully charged and portable speakers in place. 

Plan # 6 : Make a list according to priority of the things that you want to make that night. I guess I'll be writing another post about quilts that need to be made along with their deadlines.

Want to join the fun???

What are you waiting for???

Click... Now...


  1. It sounds like a plan, a very good plan. I need to get organised too and finish all the quilts I have started. I am looking forward to seeing all your finished projects.

  2. I'm playing too. I've started my list. Your plan sounds darn impressive ! See you at FNSI...

  3. Oh my! You've got it all planned out to the smallest detail. I'm participating this month and really looking forward to it!


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