Thursday, March 10, 2011

A new look!!!

Its been a long time that I have been thinking of redoing my blog. I even got a few quotes from Etsy and other places... But in the end I decided to do it myself...

My main objective was to provide a simple yet striking background for all my activities as well as provide my sponsors a decent place where their buttons and banners can literally "pop out"... 

I think this theme does it...

I used the simple template from blogger and a little help from Making Cute Blogs... I found the background from her... Rest of the things, I did on my own... I played around till I was satisfied...

Now, do you guys like the new look? Or did you like the earlier one better?

Do tell me what you feel...

For those who read me in Google Reader, here's a screenshot of the blog... 

Those who are reading my blog in a new window, please take some time to vote in the poll on the upper Right Hand Side corner. 

Today, I'm finishing off my DQS package... I will keep it ready and mail it 2 weeks from now... And next I'll start working on my Make Mine Modern package... That will be the end of my swap packages for a while... I think I'll take a break for a while before participating in any swaps... 


  1. I think it looks very elegant and stylish. You know what they say, "Less is more!"

  2. Two thumbs up!! (I voted up top, too) The background is subtle, simple and elegant and it does allow your content and buttons to pop more.

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  4. Part 2: It did take me a little while to find your bio and photo at the very bottom-- I think it should have a more prominent place-- maybe add a button "about me" or tab that opens a separate page?

  5. I like it ...It's clean and uncluttered. Great job!

  6. I like your look a lot. I do find the red header type in your sidebar hard to read. I like the font, but would suggest you make it a tad larger. in all, it's a very cute look!

  7. I like it! I do agree that the sidebar type could be a bit larger, and I'd love to see a pretty header too. The body font it much easier to read than the one you had earlier. Very nice.

  8. I like the changes. The background is nice and doesn't get in the way of the words.


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