Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New products in my shop!!!

As promised, new products are going online in my shop today!
Here's what you can buy...

Got a buck???

You can get one of these...

A little more budget?

How about a hanging birdie??? You can get a parrot or a peacock!
Take your pick...

Or maybe you'll like some animals instead? They come in pairs... Ready to build your Noah's Ark?

Or maybe you'll like to have some musicians??? 
Little ones???

They are tiny... About 1 1/4" tall!

Or bigger ones?

Or maybe some jigsaw puzzles for your little one?
A Camel maybe?


Or a horse??

Or you'd prefer an elephant?

What do you say? Would you like to shop??? 

Head over here and buy all that you want...

Just for you guys say "ILUVSHRUTI" and get 10% off on your shopping!!!


Have fun!!!


  1. I cant find a link to your shop anywhere on your blog Shruti. Am I going mad?

    Love the jigsaw puzzles. They're drling and those cute figurines!

  2. Where can I buy these? You are really teasing us!!!! LOL

  3. Those puzzles look wonderful!


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