Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some new friends for Esha!

My little girl, Esha has some new friends... They will be in my shop soon... Can you help me name them???

First are these... I have them in 3 colors, beige - lilac - orange
Esha's friends!

Then there are these tiny ones in four colors, brown - black - red - purple
Esha's little friends!
And these in 4, white - green - orange - blue - 
Esha's little friends!

There will be a few more additions to the shop... A lovely antique lace ( I have about 2 meters but could get more too)

Some lovely sequin patches

and circles


and a triangle too...


All except the triangle will be in my shop... The triangle will be included in my package for my DQS partner...
I will also be including one of these 5 paper flower bouquets...
Paper Flowers! Which color do you want partner?

Flower basket!

I'm leaving the choice of color upto him/her... So if you have signed up for DQS 10 you just might be the one... Tell me which color do you want!

No, I'm not sending you the bicycle! I dont mind sending it if you will pay the shipping... LOL The cycle is cheaper than the shipping!

I'm also including a small package for my partner's little girl... She is an adorable and strong kid, so like her mother... :)

Gifts for your little girl!

I hope she will love this...

I also stumbled upon some lovely pom pom ribbon... If you like it and would like to get it from me, you'll have to bribe me with some equally lovely fabric...

These mini pom poms will be going into my next months sponsored quilt. You will have to wait for a few more days to see the result though!

mini pom poms

A rainbow pom pom ribbon is something I have been looking for, for quite a long time now... I found this one, not exactly like the one I was looking for, but pretty similar... I need one with each pom pom a different color... But this one is gorgeous too...

Rainbow pom-poms!

I also found some velvet ribbon and bought some without any project in mind...

velvet ribbon

So now, I'm getting back to work on my DQS package... I am hoping to send it on its way soon... Also my MMM swap package is almost done... It'll be on its way before this weekend...

What are your latest finds??? Do you enjoy shopping??? And where did you find your latest bargains??? Me... Those lovely paper flowers... I got them for a steal! I'm not telling you how much, though... ;)



  1. Some beautiful finds there Shruti.

    Im abdicating responsibility on the naming task.I find it woefully hard to name my own quilts.

    Good luck !

  2. You've been having some fun, Shruti! Love ALL the dolls-- they are too cute!! LIke Shay, I'm not great with naming things-- although my daughter comes up with adorable names for all her Littlest Pet Shop critters (she is sleeping at the moment or I'd ask for her input!). Love seeing and hearing about all your projects!! Keep up the great work!


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