Sunday, March 6, 2011


The past few days have been absolutely tiring... They have been trying as well... I wish I was strong enough to go through all of it without feeling exhausted!

I do believe that eventually good things do come to you if you are honest in your heart... If you do whatever you do, with a clean and honest heart, do not intentionally hurt anyone... Then God will help you get through the roughest times!

Right now, I'm in no mood to write anything... Thats the reason for my silence for the past few days... I start blogger, click on new post and just close Google Chrome! Thats has been my routine for the past few days!

I hope 2 days of relaxation will change that...

BTW something arrived over the week... I was away and got it yesterday...

One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects; Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric! and Scandinavian Stitches: 21 Playful Projects with Seasonal Flair and Simplify with Camille Roskelley: Quilts for the Modern Home (Stash Books)

I have been immersed in it for a long time... 

Also a beautiful mug rug arrived in the mail...

Hexie bee mug rug 2

My Mug rug swap!!! I had been drooling over this right since when she had uploaded the sketch... And when I saw the colors it thought it was for me, but did not say it aloud as I felt that if I did and it wasn't for me I'll feed bad... 

Then last week I received the beautiful mug rugs from Ros! I thought those were from this swap but they were from the Quilting Gallery Friends swap... And so I have best of both worlds!!!

This sure cheered me up today, and hence this post...

Will be back in a better mood soon...



  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. It's good that you give yourself time to relax and keep thinking positive thoughts. Glad you got something in the post which cheered you up. The little mug rug is divine! Best wishes Vreni x

  2. Hope everything turns out well for you. Enjoy your lovely books and I hope they inspire you.

  3. Take all the time you need to do whatever you need to do and in the meantime it looks like you have plenty to read and keep you amused.

  4. I really feel for you and what you are experiencing. I wish you a speedy recovery. I am envious of your mug rug. It is divine. Take care and get better soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. I hope you feel better soon. You lucky duck - the mug rug is devine! I must admit I have drooled over it!


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