Saturday, April 30, 2011

FQS Bella Parade : Week # 1 : Sneak Peek

Hey people, ready to have some fun??? Okay, a lot of fun!!!

Here's a sneak peek for week one...

FQS BP Week 1 Sneak Peek

The colors are in random order... And their names... Well, lets wait for a while before you find out!

But I have something exciting for you...

We are going to have one invited guest each week to help you put together a few fabrics that work great along with the "Color of the Day"

Our first guest is Angela from Cut to pieces

Do you know this lady can tell wonderful stories in her quilts???
I first noticed her when she did her famous Doll Quilt... 

It just took my breath away... There was so much thought into every tiny bit of the quilt... Every stitch was pre-decided... The result was simply stunning...

She has made some of the best quilts that I have come across ... 
Have a look

Angela's quilts

You can see that her work reflects her excellent choice of colors... She will be suggesting us 3 solids and 3 prints that go well with our color every day from May 01- May 07...

Apart from that, people from the group, who have volunteered, will also be choosing a 3+3 combo to work with the solids...

Lots more reasons to start shopping... ;)

Get your cameras charges, even the spare batteries... You do not want to miss out on the color of the car passing by, or the bird sitting on the line... or even the tiny butterfly that came in from the window!

Dont leave your camera even for a minute...

Rules of the game
1. Everyday ONE solid will be featured on my blog as "Color of the Day"

2. You have time untill midnight the NEXT DAY (GMT) to upload as many photos as you can that contain the said color!
Eg. The deadline to upload photographs with color of May 1 will be 11.50 pm GMT on May 2

3. The photos have to be clicked by you. They may be old. But images downloaded from the internet are  not valid. Anyone doing so will be banned from the group.

4. Invalid photographs will be deleted from the group pool.

Do you have any doubts??? Feel free to ask in the Q&A thread of the pool.

Get. Set. I'll say "go" tomorrow...

Till then gear up!


Friday, April 29, 2011


Thank you all for your wonderful words... I am happy to know that there just are a little bit more nice people than otherwise... I was touched by all of your comments but I would especially like to quote Liz,

"As we age (I'm in my 60's,) there are certain truths that become self evident. One of those is this: don't waste your time with negative, nasty toxic energy from another person. Apologize for whatever may or may not have occurred, make a note to yourself to communicate in a positive way in the future and then cut her out of your life. Life is too darn short."

She has put it in such a wonderful way... I'll always remember your words, Liz... Like I will remember my Grandma's... 


Thank you all for helping me put the episode behind my back... I had not admitted it untill then, but yes, It had been in my mind for quite a few weeks now!

I'll get back to my quilting, there's just so much to be done... A whole month of action awaits us!!!

Are you ready for the fun???


Thursday, April 28, 2011

There are things I don't say either...

I was going through the comments on this  post and realized I have been thinking about things that I don't say too... So here's a post minus the photos to do some thinking of your own...

I have never said this, but a few days back, I was accused of not being integral... I was a part of a group and I was not able to fulfill my commitment for some reasons... I informed the caretaker at the moment I knew I would not be able to keep my word... I did so for the numerous of my other swaps too... Luckily my issues were sorted sooner than I expected and I went back to my swaps... Meanwhile, in this particular group, the caretaker had already taken on the responsibility and finished the items for the others... I decided to leave things as they were and send them a surprise gift instead... I did so, and because I wanted it to be a surprise, I did not inform anyone of them... 

I was still working out a lot of things at that moment (things were settling back - not settled back)... And I did not contact any of the group members for a while... A spam attack on my Flickr account (I could not work out how it happened but it stopped once I informed the admins) had me receiving hundreds of FMs every day... And I did not go through them... Honestly, by the time I got back to Flickr so much had happened in all the groups that it was kind of overwhelming... I never actually realized that my fellow members had sent me well wishes that uunfortunately I had left unanswered...

After a few weeks, the caretaker accused me of getting sponsors, my first pattern out and a new blog and endeavoring to make a name for myself. However, integrity is very important and people are upset and feel duped and that I just didn't care enough to finish my commitment.

This was totally unexpected as it had only been a week since I had started working on things and she had taken care of the group a lot before that...  I do not think I needed to give her an explanation, but I did that anyway to which she never bothered to reply. I felt humiliated. I had never intended to dupe anyone. If I wanted to, I'd never have informed her in the first place. I believe in honoring my word and will do anything for it... I can say confidently that none of my swap partners or my Etsy customers have been duped - either in quantity or in quality!

The whole episode was so upsetting... I felt bad that I had pursued people for 6 months for sponsorship and then got my first few sponsors... I felt bad that I had spent a month making a quilt and writing a pattern for it...  I felt bad that people were coming to read my blog because the liked me... I felt bad that just because she had taken care of my group, I had not put my personal problems aside and made the stuff for my partners... I felt bad that I had tried my best not to let my partners down in my other swaps... I felt bad about starting quilting... 

I was angry for quite some time... But then I decided to put it all behind my back and move on... I know I have always been honest with my commitments and that is all that matters to me...

Apart from this`experience I have never ever received a negative treatment from the Online quilting community... Infact, people have welcomed a newbie like me with open arms... Infact the first few months are the most memorable ones... When I started quilting, I was awed by the beauty of it and I was lucky enough to find a mentor in Elizabeth Hartman... I read all through her archives and practically learnt from it... I had a lot of questions which, in spite of her busy schedule, she patiently answered... I will never forget the helping hand that she extended to me in that time... I could say that she was my inspiration, she still is... It was so wonderful of her to help an unknown person stumbling with the basics of quilting who lives practically on the other side of the globe... I have been trying to do that ever since... I try my best to be available to my readers... I might not reply on a comment that you've left for a giveaway, but yeah, I do try to reply to most of the comments on my other posts...

Also, I have had a great response and support, not to forget encouragement, from the entire Blogger and Flickr community and I intend to enjoy my next month with all you guys in the Bella Parade...

Oops! This has become a super long post and I must thank you for
listening me out...

PS. Did I ever tell you that I have never understood all the craze about the latest DS prints? Not that I dont like them, but I find a few other fabrics a lot more appealing than these...


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FQS BP again...

I have been doing a lot if this lately

Thankfully it has not reached this stage

Busy with behind the scenes preparations - last minute - for the FQS Bella Parade show coming alive next month!!!

Oh my Gosh! You haven't signed up yet???

Bad Girl!

Go sign up...

Here's the link to the Flickr Pool...

You cannot let a chance to win 70 yards + of fabric go just like that!!! Can you?

Get your camera out and keep it with you EVERY MOMENT for the next few weeks... Dont mind if people call you a freak... They do not understand what even a tiny scrap of FREE fabric is worth... Ignore them and click your way to glory...


Sunday, April 17, 2011

When wishes come true...

We all have wishes... 
Some we express...
Others are left unsaid...
Same is true for swaps...
We have something in our mind...

And when our partner remembers to fulfill ALL our wishes, things just start looking a little more better!!!

I signed up for the Make Mine Modern swap with noting specific in my head, but lots of things... 

When asked for a "wishlist" here's what I had said...

"Here's my wishlist (I'd love to call it that... :) afterall, you dont get asked often what you want...)

1. A mini quilt for my wall (I have the one I am thinking about in my inspi mosaic...
2. The scrap boxes I have talked about in the likes and dislikes section
3. A sewing machine cover... I... again I have a few options in my mosaic
4. Felt Balls (I have a thousand things to make with them, but I dont get them here)
5. I'm not a huge pincushion fan, but I'd love one if it is really lovely!
6. Some fun wall art for my sewing room...
7. A pair of Mop Shoes!!! They are so wonderful...
OR anything that you think I'd love, partner... I want to think of you when I see it... "

And here's what I got...

MMM The whole bundle of goodies!!!

Isn't the package just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.???

The mini quilt is gorgeous... And will pop from my Grey-Yellow -White walls!

MMM Received!

And felt balls!!! Wow... They look yummy...

Felt Balls - Yummy!!!

I love the antique dish that is holding them... It was in my living room, but the balls look so wonderful in it that it has found a new home in my sewing room!

And Fabric... 
Not just any fabric guys, look,
its Dr. Suess!!!
I was actually screaming when I opened the package!!!


Thanks a lot, Brooke... You just made my day...


What did you receive in your swap???

If you're looking for the FQS Bella Parade post, its here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bella Parade Quilt Along Post # 1

So we'll start the fun in May, but you sure do need to arm yourself with all the fun goodies... So here's the first post for the Quilt Along... So that you have ample time to order your supplies from Fat Quarter Shop...

Bryanna will be doing the Quilt Along for the lovely Cacophony of Colors quilt she made for her DQS partner... Read all about that quilt on her blog here. And also on her DQS partner Trisha's blog here...

Here's Bryanna, telling you all that you need to know for now!


In other news, I am featured on Gen X Quilters!!! Yay!!! What a week!!!


Hey y'all!  My name is Bryanna, but most everyone calls me Bry, and I am from A Blond Quilts.  I'm from Texas, have a major addiction to fabric and shoes, and have been quilting for the past few years.

I am so excited to be here today and thankful Shruti invited me to join in on all the fun!  I mean getting to play with 31 of Moda's gorgeous Bella solids?!  Hello awesome! 

So what is my part in this fabulous game you may ask?

I am here to lead you to freedom! No wait...that's Braveheart...I am here to lead you in a quilt along!  I am going to show you how to use all 31 of our Bella solids to make my Cacophony of Color mini quilt!

DQS10 Sent - A Cacophony of Color by A Blond Quilts

You are going to need a couple of things to play along - 

(30) fat eights of various Moda Bella Solids
1/2 yd of Moda Bella Solid in White
25" x 25" Batting
25" x 25" Backing
1/4 yd Binding

Oh and of course a ruler, rotary cutter, sewing machine, glass of wine, and a trauma nurse to wipe the sweat from your brow at you stitch the day away.

Or if you wanted to be REALLY AMBITIOUS you could make 9 mini quilt tops and combine them into 1 large quilt, or just size everything up and make a full size version of the mini quilt.

Bella Parade - Tiled Quilt Sketch by A Blond Quilts
Bella Parade - Quilt Sketch by A Blond Quilts

For this you will still need the sewing machine and trauma nurse but you will also need - 

(30) 1/4 yd of various Moda Bella solids
2 yds of Moda Bella White
75" x 75" Batting
4 yds Backing
1/2 yd Binding 

This project will leave you with lots of wonderful colorful scraps to use for other ideas!  And don't worry I am going to walk you through this from beginning to end - even hold your hand if you wish - to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible!  You are welcome to keep up with me or take everything at your own pace!  

Here is our schedule of events!

May 7: Preparing and Cutting your Fabrics
May 14: Piecing the inner panel (aka lots of tiny log cabins!)
May 21: Completing the Top
May 28: Quilting and Finishing! + Some Fun Extras! 

So here's hoping I am not talking to myself and some of you want to play along and make your own super colorful and fun mini quilt! 

Until next time bebe's - enjoy the parade of color! 


Great News!!! 20% discount on Bella Solids!!!

Hey all,
Fat Quarter shop is giving a whooping 20% off to all the Bellarinas... Wow!

Hop over and buy ANY Bella solid and type in BELLAP as the code to get the discount!!!

Here's the link to the 31 Solids Fat Quarter Bundle

Bella Parade Fat Quarter Bundle Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

Bella Parade Fat Quarter Bundle
Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

$67.50 for 31 Fat Quarters

Isn't that awesome???


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fat Quarter Shop Bella Parade!!! ***Giveaway***

Here's the long awaited announcement...

Fat Quarter Shop Bella Parade!!!

Duration : 1st May 2011 to 31 May 2011
FQS Bella Parade Flickr Group

RSVP : Join the Flickr Group

Prizes : One Yard of Bella Solids EVERY DAY!!!
Weekly Prizes : A Bella Parade Fat Quarter Bundle from Fat Quarter Shop!!!
Grand Prize : A Bella Parade Half Yard Bundle from Fat Quarter Shop
plus the fabulous Quilt made by Bryanna for the Quilt Along! Yeah, we're having a quiltalong too!!!

So whats the plan???

How do you usually buy solids? You buy some print and you buy some solids to go with it, isn't it?

Time to understand all you can about solids - and not just any solids, the super soft, lovely - Bella Solids!

Every day between 1st May to 31st we will feature a color of the day on 13 Woodhouse Road. The color will also be uploaded in the Flickr pool. We will be sharing loads of information about that color - Its name, meaning of the name, technical aspects, psychological effects, complimentary colors etc... We will also have people chosen from amongst you pick complimentary prints for the color...

The fun just begins here...
Once I upload the solid color in the Flickr pool, you guys have exactly 48 hours to click snaps from around you which contain that particular solid!

Eg if I have uploaded Bella Solids Summer House

You can upload snaps like these...

or this

The only condition is that the photograph must contain the said color!

Remember, the photographs must be clicked by you and not downloaded from the internet. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned from the group.

The person who uploads the most number of relevant photographs wins One Yard of fabric of that color from Fat Quarter Shop.

I and Susan will go through all the photographs before awarding the prize!

31 opportunities!!!! And there's more...

We will also be having a weekly giveaway for all the members. (yup this is a privileged group!)
Every week, one lucky winner (you have to have uploaded at least one relevant photograph in the said week to qualify) will win a Fat Quarter Bundle of all the 31 Colors!

And it does not end here...
In the end, the person who has submitted the largest number of relevant photographs to the pool will win a Bella Parade Half Yard Bundle with all the featured 31 prints from Fat Quarter Shop! The same person will also win the Mini Quilt made by Bryanna fro the Quilt Along!

I'll tell you the details of the quilt along tomorrow, including how much fabric you need.

Till then, here's another chance... We're having a launch giveaway!
We will draw the winners on the 1st May.
You can win a Bella Parade Fat Quarter Bundle from Fat Quarter Shop!!!

For winning :
1. Join the Flickr Group - 1 Entry
2. Follow 13 Woodhouse Road, even if you already do - leave a comment saying you are a new / old follower - 1 Entry
3. Like Fat Quarter Shop on Facebook - 1 Entry
4. Like 13 Woodhouse Road on Facebook - 1 Entry
5. Buy any Bella Solid fabric from FQS - 1 Entry for every invoice! Leave a comment with your invoice number.

Now you have 5 chances to win 31 Fat Quarters of Bella Solids!!!

Hurry Up!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FQS Bella Parade

I have told you many times till now and I know you must be bored to death hearing it... But yes, I am busy... 

Preparing some fun thing for you... 

A celebration...

A gala...

A Parade!!!
Some Ballerinas... 
opps, bellarinas!!!

A Bella Solid Parade by A Blond Quilts
A Bella Solid Parade, a photo by A Blond Quilts on Flickr.

And I promise loads of fun too!!! 
***Spoiler alert***

DQS10 Sent - A Cacophony of Color by A Blond Quilts

Here's the team!

Susan - (better known as chickenfoot on Flickr)
Of course, Shruti from 13 Woodhouse Road...
And our very own 

Stay tuned for the unveiling of a grand summer event...

FQS Bella Parade


13 Woodhouse Road

Do you have time??? Hop over and join the Flickr group just to reserve front row seat...


Monday, April 11, 2011

Winners and Awards!!!

First things first... Here are the giveaway winners!

1. The Gardens of India Winner
Since only 2 people bought it there'll be only 2 winners...
Congratulations to Barbara and Ginger.

2. Paalvi Pattern Winner
Congratulations to Jessica who said 
"I like that it's a different kind of name than you would usually hear for a pattern! 
And I love the fabric you used. :)"

3. Paalvi Quilt Kit Winner 
Congratulations Jodi... 
I already have your address, so I'll inform Lori right away!

Wow girls congratulations... And for those of you who did not win my pattern or my quilt kit, well, you can always buy it from my shop... Say "ILUVSHRUTI" at checkout and get a 10% discount on your shopping...

Now onto some Awards... Well, I have received not one but two awards this week! The first is the Stylish Blogger Award that I got from Bryanna of A Blond Quilts!

Thank you so much, Bry!

By getting this award there are a few things you are asked to do:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. - Done
2. Share 7 things about yourself. - Thats a tough one
3. Award 6 recently discovered great bloggers.  - Thats fantastic
4. Contact the owners of the blogs you nominated to tell them about the award. - I'll love to do that

So 7 things about myself... hmmm...

1. I am scared of Water - I learnt swimming so that I wont be scared, but it didn't help. I am still scared of it...

2. I go around the town mostly on my bike! I love it.

3. I worked at one of the best architects in town in the coolest office - Architect Pramod Chaugule. Thats where I learnt concepts like recycling which inspired me to start 'up'cycling clothes!

That was my office..

4. I love to shop fabric online! My favorite line is Echino and I dream of owning at least one yard of EVERY print someday!

5. I love to dance! But not when anybody is watching me... 

6. My favorite food is barbeque chicken and Caramel Custard... do you know why? Because I can make it!!! LOL

7.  I dream of writing a book someday!

Wow! Those are 7 things about me...

Now on to nominating 6 people for the award :
Here's my list
1. Shilpa Mirasdar - She is one of the few Indian quilters that I know. I'm going to be meeting her soon. :) I know we're going to have a great time

2. Preeti from Arm Candy for you. She makes the most wonderful purses. She even has a great etsy shop.

3. Lynne from Lily's Quilts... This lady has come a long way in one year! You have to drop by her blog to see some fabulous stuff.

4. Emily from Mommy's Nap Time... This gal does the most awesome tiny piecing that I have ever seen! You have to pop over and see it...

5. Kirie from Shape Moth - This gal made the awesome mug rug for me in the scrappy mug rug swap!

6. Quilary from Take a peek over the fence... She was a winner in one of my giveways during the SSF days...  Hop over to see her wonderful adventures....

Phew!!! Done!!!

I said I won two awards!!! Well, the other one is a feature on Lily's blog!!! Here is the link to the announcement! Wow!

And of course this was what I had entered for the Fresh Sewing Day! I am really proud of this quilt... :) It puts a smile on my face every time I see it...