Friday, April 15, 2011

Bella Parade Quilt Along Post # 1

So we'll start the fun in May, but you sure do need to arm yourself with all the fun goodies... So here's the first post for the Quilt Along... So that you have ample time to order your supplies from Fat Quarter Shop...

Bryanna will be doing the Quilt Along for the lovely Cacophony of Colors quilt she made for her DQS partner... Read all about that quilt on her blog here. And also on her DQS partner Trisha's blog here...

Here's Bryanna, telling you all that you need to know for now!


In other news, I am featured on Gen X Quilters!!! Yay!!! What a week!!!


Hey y'all!  My name is Bryanna, but most everyone calls me Bry, and I am from A Blond Quilts.  I'm from Texas, have a major addiction to fabric and shoes, and have been quilting for the past few years.

I am so excited to be here today and thankful Shruti invited me to join in on all the fun!  I mean getting to play with 31 of Moda's gorgeous Bella solids?!  Hello awesome! 

So what is my part in this fabulous game you may ask?

I am here to lead you to freedom! No wait...that's Braveheart...I am here to lead you in a quilt along!  I am going to show you how to use all 31 of our Bella solids to make my Cacophony of Color mini quilt!

DQS10 Sent - A Cacophony of Color by A Blond Quilts

You are going to need a couple of things to play along - 

(30) fat eights of various Moda Bella Solids
1/2 yd of Moda Bella Solid in White
25" x 25" Batting
25" x 25" Backing
1/4 yd Binding

Oh and of course a ruler, rotary cutter, sewing machine, glass of wine, and a trauma nurse to wipe the sweat from your brow at you stitch the day away.

Or if you wanted to be REALLY AMBITIOUS you could make 9 mini quilt tops and combine them into 1 large quilt, or just size everything up and make a full size version of the mini quilt.

Bella Parade - Tiled Quilt Sketch by A Blond Quilts
Bella Parade - Quilt Sketch by A Blond Quilts

For this you will still need the sewing machine and trauma nurse but you will also need - 

(30) 1/4 yd of various Moda Bella solids
2 yds of Moda Bella White
75" x 75" Batting
4 yds Backing
1/2 yd Binding 

This project will leave you with lots of wonderful colorful scraps to use for other ideas!  And don't worry I am going to walk you through this from beginning to end - even hold your hand if you wish - to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible!  You are welcome to keep up with me or take everything at your own pace!  

Here is our schedule of events!

May 7: Preparing and Cutting your Fabrics
May 14: Piecing the inner panel (aka lots of tiny log cabins!)
May 21: Completing the Top
May 28: Quilting and Finishing! + Some Fun Extras! 

So here's hoping I am not talking to myself and some of you want to play along and make your own super colorful and fun mini quilt! 

Until next time bebe's - enjoy the parade of color! 



  1. Sounds exciting Shruti! Count me in!

  2. looks awesome! love the bright pops of color!

  3. Hi, I clicked on the 'supplies' link but it doesn't work, pls help :o) Thank you.

  4. Hiya Count me in Bry and Shruti. Thanks for the opportunity to play along x

  5. Is the second set of fabric requirements for a big quilt top with just the one square? Or for the quilt top with 9 small squares?

  6. I've finally managed to get the button on my blog.

  7. I love this and will join for the QAL. I have ordered a FQ bundle from FatQuarter shop but havent got it yet. Hope I get it before you start:o)


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