Saturday, April 30, 2011

FQS Bella Parade : Week # 1 : Sneak Peek

Hey people, ready to have some fun??? Okay, a lot of fun!!!

Here's a sneak peek for week one...

FQS BP Week 1 Sneak Peek

The colors are in random order... And their names... Well, lets wait for a while before you find out!

But I have something exciting for you...

We are going to have one invited guest each week to help you put together a few fabrics that work great along with the "Color of the Day"

Our first guest is Angela from Cut to pieces

Do you know this lady can tell wonderful stories in her quilts???
I first noticed her when she did her famous Doll Quilt... 

It just took my breath away... There was so much thought into every tiny bit of the quilt... Every stitch was pre-decided... The result was simply stunning...

She has made some of the best quilts that I have come across ... 
Have a look

Angela's quilts

You can see that her work reflects her excellent choice of colors... She will be suggesting us 3 solids and 3 prints that go well with our color every day from May 01- May 07...

Apart from that, people from the group, who have volunteered, will also be choosing a 3+3 combo to work with the solids...

Lots more reasons to start shopping... ;)

Get your cameras charges, even the spare batteries... You do not want to miss out on the color of the car passing by, or the bird sitting on the line... or even the tiny butterfly that came in from the window!

Dont leave your camera even for a minute...

Rules of the game
1. Everyday ONE solid will be featured on my blog as "Color of the Day"

2. You have time untill midnight the NEXT DAY (GMT) to upload as many photos as you can that contain the said color!
Eg. The deadline to upload photographs with color of May 1 will be 11.50 pm GMT on May 2

3. The photos have to be clicked by you. They may be old. But images downloaded from the internet are  not valid. Anyone doing so will be banned from the group.

4. Invalid photographs will be deleted from the group pool.

Do you have any doubts??? Feel free to ask in the Q&A thread of the pool.

Get. Set. I'll say "go" tomorrow...

Till then gear up!



  1. All charged up and ready to go!

  2. wow all those quilts and other projects are beautiful. I can't wait to see what colour choices Angela makes.

  3. You're so sweet Shruti! I did want to say that I didn't make the Christmas tree Mug Rugs, but rather that I am the very happy owner of them. They were made by the oh so delightful Susan/Flossie Blossoms.

    Be prepared for some color folks. I don't think I was too shy about it with the fabric choices. lol.

  4. Not sure if I'm playing every day, but we'll see... :)


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