Friday, April 29, 2011


Thank you all for your wonderful words... I am happy to know that there just are a little bit more nice people than otherwise... I was touched by all of your comments but I would especially like to quote Liz,

"As we age (I'm in my 60's,) there are certain truths that become self evident. One of those is this: don't waste your time with negative, nasty toxic energy from another person. Apologize for whatever may or may not have occurred, make a note to yourself to communicate in a positive way in the future and then cut her out of your life. Life is too darn short."

She has put it in such a wonderful way... I'll always remember your words, Liz... Like I will remember my Grandma's... 


Thank you all for helping me put the episode behind my back... I had not admitted it untill then, but yes, It had been in my mind for quite a few weeks now!

I'll get back to my quilting, there's just so much to be done... A whole month of action awaits us!!!

Are you ready for the fun???



Thank you for your comments... I try to reply to all of them personally, but sometimes life is just too fast to do that... But I love hearing from you...