Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fat Quarter Shop Bella Parade May 3 Winner


The winner of May 3 Color Snow is once again 

She had 27 photos... again...

What are the others doing???
Gear up guys...

Good luck with the next color guys!!!

And you, Heather, I've got your address already, so your one yard of Snow will be on its way too...



  1. congrats to the winner - well deserved. p.s. cool blog ;-)

  2. Well! I'll be!! I'm tickled! Again.

    And thanks for your kind comment, too, ButtonMad!

  3. Hey way to go Heather. It looks like you and I will be duking it out for yards of cotton unless some other keen photographers get on the program! I don't have time to go around taking new photos so am trying to rely on what's already uploaded to my flickr sets. We'll see what happens!!


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