Saturday, May 28, 2011

FQS Bella Parade Grand Finale Giveaway - a Preview

You are aware that Bella Parade is ending soon...

There's a huge prize waiting for one of you guys at the end...

A Half Yard bundle of the 31 Bella Solids and the fantastic mini quilt made by Bry herself!!!

But I'd like to know how would you like me to give that one away?

My original plan was to give it to the person who uploads the maximum number of photos to the pool...

But since we have changed the rules, I'd like to know from you...

How would you like me to give away the grand prize?

1. Highest number of photos submitted.
2. Highest number of colors photos submitted for.
3. Random.Org
4. Personal Choice from answers to a question
5. Photo contest - A single photo with maximum number of colors from the 31 

Vote for your choice to help me decide...


  1. I vote for #3, a random draw.

  2. Mmm 3 or 5 I guess, Random would be nice but then maybe random people might enter?

  3. #3 Grand Prize
    But WITH A TWIST - the person must (1)belong to the flickr group and
    (2) make a comment on a specific post. That way someone who hasn't participated at all doesn't leave one random comment and win the grand prize.

    The quilt along quilt giveaway: draw from anyone who posted at least one photo to the flickr group. Allow the quilt along people to post a photo of their full/partial quilt that they've worked. This means the drawing is from those who more actively participated.

  4. Random is undoubtedly fairest, but I do agree it would make me sigh a little if someone unknown swept in at the end and took the grand prize.

  5. I'd suggest #3, but random out of everyone who has uploaded a photo to the group flickr (hmm, I haven't actually done that!)

  6. I vote for #3, random from people who have been uploading photos and participating in the flickr pool/quiltalong. That seems fairest.

  7. Even though this counts me out of the chance to win all that lovely fabric, I think #2 is probably closest to the original intent of the contest rules and is probably fairest to those who have uploaded photos all or most days through the month - which I haven't been able to do...oh well!!
    Thanks for being fair and asking us what we think :)

  8. I think #3 for those who participated and uploaded photos.

  9. random to those who uploaded.

  10. My vote is for either #3 or #4.

  11. I like #3, drawing from the people who have uploaded photos to the group.

  12. I vote for amongst the members of the flickr group

  13. I am in agreement with the majority. #3 but with some sort of deciding factor using the Flickr group. It seems the most fair way.

  14. I like the idea of # 3, random, but one entry each from the people who have uploaded to the Flickr group.

  15. I think it has to be handpicked from any one of your questions or challenges you have proposed. Random takes the fun out of it.

  16. I like #3. choosing from those that uploaded to the flickr site would be a good way to go.


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