Saturday, May 21, 2011

FQS Bella Parade Post # 21

 Just 10 more posts! 
Bella Parade is almost coming to an end! 

I guess I'll talk about the colors that we did not once a week... I'll be missing this...
I hope you will miss it too...

So we're moving on to another color in the spectrum...
And the 
Color of the Day is

Bella Solids Lavender Yardage SKU# 9900-33

I am not a huge fan of this color... And honestly, I have never used it in any of my works...

"Lavender is a pale tint of violet. It applies particularly to the color of the flower of the same name. The web color called lavender is displayed at right—it matches the color of the very palest part of the lavender flower; however, the more saturated color shown below as floral lavender more closely matches the average color of the lavender flower as shown in the picture and is the tone of lavender historically and traditionally considered lavender by the average person as opposed to those who are web site designers. The color lavender might be described as a medium violet or a light pinkish purple. The complementary color of lavender is olive.
The term lavender may also be used in general to apply to a wide range of pale, light, medium, or grayish violet colors, as well as some pale or light pinkish, magenta, or purple colors as well as some pale or light blueish-indigo colors. In paints, the color lavender is made by mixing violet and white paint.
The first recorded use of the word lavender as a color term in English was in 1705."

This again is a soft, feminine color... And is mostly used to make girl or woman quilts...

Our guest quilter, Debbie Jeske from A Quilter's Table says, "My favorite thing about the color lavender is that it is a shade of my birthstone, amythyst. I also love when the color lavender is found in nature."

Here are her picks

Bella Solids Stone Yardage SKU# 9900-128

Bella Solids Mint Yardage SKU# 9900-133

Bella Solids Hershey Yardage SKU# 9900-41

From Little Things Gray Tiger Lily Yardage SKU# 30065-90

Kaffe Classics Sludge Paperweight Yardage SKU# GP20-SLUDG

The Embroidered Garden Brown Trailing Floral Yardage SKU# 32107-2

I haven't got my hands on Katy's picks yet but you can have a look at mine...  I have them now and here they are

Bella Solids PurpleBella Solids Etchings Slate  & Bella Solids Magenta 

From Little Things Hot Pink Partridges From Little Things Gray Checker Flourish  & Sherbet Pips Scooter Grey Skipping Square Dots

Bella Solids Purple Yardage SKU# 9900-21 Bella Solids Etchings Slate Yardage SKU# 9900-170Bella Solids Magenta Yardage SKU# 9900-92
From Little Things Hot Pink Partridges Yardage SKU# 30063-20From Little Things Gray Checker Flourish Yardage SKU# 30060-90Sherbet Pips Scooter Grey Skipping Square Dots Yardage SKU# 18505-19

Lovely picks, Katy...

Here's my favorites...


Bella Solids Aubergine Yardage SKU# 9900-139Bella Solids Butterscotch Yardage SKU# 9900-36 Bella Solids Ivory Yardage SKU# 9900-60
Bazaar Style Sky Bellydancer Yardage SKU# BA-303Bazaar Style Sand Bellydancer Yardage SKU# BA-403Bazaar Style Aqua Moorish Rug Yardage SKU# BA-308

I will update the post when I get Katy's picks...

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