Monday, May 30, 2011

FQS Bella Parade Post # 29

Hey guys my network connections is having problems all day long.. Or is it blogger? I even tried getting up early in the morning (if you can call 2.30 in the night "early") to try to upload a page...


I'll do a Post # 29 & Post # 30 together later this day... (after the shop engineers have had a look at my PC)... Do you think its time for me to persuade DH into buying me a Laptop instead of this CRT monitor PC?

Am using DH's mobile to upload this one...

Hope this works...



  1. It's not you or your PC.
    Blogger is having issues - I'm seeing comments all over the quilting blogs that those with blogs are having problems too - I don't have a blog but adding comments, loading pages, etc. are all aggravating and don't work half the time. And, if attempt comments on typepad or wordpress as "google" - also problems.

  2. I had a problem with Blogger/Google too. One minute I couldn't comment on some of your posts below and after about 20mins I was able to leave a comment.
    However, don't let that stop you asking for a new laptop - I would think that someone as busy as you could use a faster and more portable computer!!!


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