Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FQS Bella Parade Post # 31

Sadly, we have reached the end of the Bella Parade...

Today is the last color of the day of the Bella Parade
and it is

Bella Solids Royal Yardage SKU# 9900-19

It is one of the beautiful colors that say "Royalty"... Just like Purple, everyone cannot carry this color... 

Wikipedia says, "Royal blue describes both a bright shade and a dark shade of azure blue. It is said to have been invented by millers in Rode, Somerset, a consortium of which won a competition to make a dress for the British queen, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.
Traditionally, dictionaries define royal blue as a deep to dark blue, often with a purple or faint reddish tinge.
By the 1950s, many people began to think of royal blue as a brighter color, and it is this brighter color that was chosen as the web color "royal blue" (the web colors when they were formulated in 1987 were originally known as the X11 colors, since the World Wide Web did not come into operation until 1991). The World Wide Web Consortium designated the keyword "royalblue" to be this much brighter color, rather than the traditional darker version of royal blue."
"Royal blue is the color of royalty to welcome the coming of a king. In Christian art, royal blue can also symbolize the night sky in which the star appeared to the Three Wise Men to announce the birth of Jesus. This tone of blue is primarily used during the season of Adventin most Anglican and Lutheran denominations."

Here are some stunning Royal Blues...

Ha-ha, I couldn't resist putting that one!
Thats one of my favorite-st Royal Blues!!!


So coming to quilts, here are some wonderful beauties!

Our guest Quilter, Fi, better known as Texas Fi on Flickr here has shared her picks!

She could not stop at 6 (can you?), so she has chosen a bunch for us that really awesome...

Annie's Farm Stand Orange Ring Dings Yardage SKU# 10059-Orange

Dilly Dally Outrageous Orange Double Dots Yardage SKU# 22144-12

Maisy Yellow Blocks Yardage SKU# 4202-Y

Oval Elements Green Apple Yardage SKU# OE-902

Bella Solids Orange Yardage SKU# 9900-80

Bella Solids Yellow Yardage SKU# 9900-24

Bella Solids Fig Tree Olive Yardage SKU# 9900-69

Crazy For Dots & Stripes II Green and Dark Blue Stripes on Bright Blue Yardage SKU# 8173-10

Modern Affair Lime Flirty Dance Yardage SKU# MA-4309

Here's what Rachel has selected for us...

paired with

Bella Solids Pistachio Yardage SKU# 9900-134Bella Solids Marine Yardage SKU# 9900-135Bella Solids Aubergine Yardage SKU# 9900-139
Modern Affair Green Peacock Eye Yardage SKU# MA-4305Modern Affair Blue Rose Garden Yardage SKU# MA-4308

Gorgeous choices!!!

Thank you Rachel!!!

Do you like this color? Then upload a picture of it to win a yard of it!!!

Rules of the game!

1. You can enter ONLY ONE photograph  in the next 24 hours! 
2. Irrelevant or disqualified photographs will be removed from the group pool... 
3. If anyone is found uploading photographs NOT CLICKED BY THEM BUT DOWNLOADED FROM THE INTERNET  they will be banned from the group.
4. The photograph MUST contain the "Color of the Day" - Royal!!
5. Uploads allowed until 11.59 pm 31st May 2011, GMT. 

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