Saturday, May 7, 2011

FQS Bella Parade Post # 7

Welcome to the last day of Week # 1

It has been a fun week and your response has been overwhelming!

A few answers first...

Quite a few have said that the daily prizes are ONLY for people who have a lot of time on their hands... 
Unfortunately, YES, they are... I cannot help but change that format... Its more about looking for that color around you and noticing it... This exercise also helps you see how that color works with other color! If you see the pictures uploaded in the pool, you'll see that the "Color of the Week" is always paired with a different shade - a different color... and the combinations are unique! 

These photos will help you work out how you can use that color in your quilts and what effect it will have... So do not look at it only as a means to win a prize... Making that beautiful quilt for your loved ones and seeing the smile on their faces is much more precious!

But I'm also aware that many of you are working hard to support your families and do not have time to run around with your cameras! Its just for you that I'll be giving away one 

Bella Parade Fat Quarter Bundle Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive


Friday the giveaway will start and I will draw a winner Every Tuesday!

There will be no hoops for this giveaway... Just one comment - one entry - per person! SIMPLE!

Even if you've not submitted a single photo to the pool, you're eligible for the draw!

Sounds great, doesn't it?

So what are you waiting for?

Go to this post to enter this week's giveaway!

Coming back to the last color of this week...





Bella Solids Tan Yardage SKU# 9900-13

My favorite reference site Wikipedia says "Tan is a pale brownishtawny shade of brown. The name is derived from Tan Suttie, or crushed oak bark, that is used in the process for tanning leather. The resulting process often produces a hide with a 'tan' hue.
The first recorded use of tan as a shade name in English was in the year 1590."

Whole Cloth quilts in Tan look stunning

And so does Tan combined with other colors

or brights!

This is one of my favorite quilts so far!
What would you pair Tan with???
Our guest quilter Leanne from She Can Quilt has made a beautiful array of choices...
"When I consider colours, I find that I first relate to them as they appear in nature. 
Tan is the colour of sand. It makes me think of the beach and the blues, greens, browns, and neutrals in the sand, ocean, sky, rocks, shells, plants, and trees that I see when I am walking on beaches. It also makes me think of natural linen which is the same colour. 
As we have seen across the internet, the tan colour of natural linen goes with everything, especially very bright lime greens, aquas and blues, pinks and magentas, purples and yellows. I also am always drawn to totally neutral quilts made up of many shades of white, including tan as the dark, or of darker shades of browns with tan as the light. This colour is a very versatile neutral and it works with virtually every colour. 
Tan has many different roles, as a complimentary colour to a beach inspired palette, as a resting place in a bright colour project, and as a dark or a light in a neutral palette."
Beautifully said, Leanne!!!
Here's her choices

Bella Solids Robins Egg Yardage SKU# 9900-85

Bella Solids Lime Yardage SKU# 9900-75

Bella Solids Cocoa Yardage SKU# 9900-180

Lily & Will II Tonal Aqua Dotted Flowers Yardage SKU# 2809-22

Garden Maze by Amy Butler

Loved your collection, Leanne!
I am dying to show what Angela has selected for us...

"Shruti gave me a collection of Bella Solids and other than the vibrantly colored Cheddar, I got a bunch of basic neutrals. That should make it easier to pick out fabrics to coordinate with them, but I take neutrals pretty seriously. They are not all created equally and not interchangeable. I wanted to show some color schemes that fit particularly well with the neutrals knowing that there are an infinite number of fabric combinations that would work well. I picked out fabrics that aren't shy, and I tried to pick fabrics from multiple lines for as much variety as possible. I hope you like the fabric combinations, and if not, know that there are so many ways that you could use these particular colors!"

Thank you so much, Angela for being here!!! We have loved what you have selected so far and I'm sure we're going to love what you'll be selecting today too!!!

Bella Solids Tomato Soup Yardage SKU# 9900-42

Bella Solids Home Town Sky Yardage SKU# 9900-177

Bella Solids Cocoa Yardage SKU# 9900-180

Buttercup Bluebell Sugar Snap Yardage SKU# 20152-15

Lily & Will Brown Cottontail Toile Yardage SKU# 2802-14

Tailor Made Red Dress Form Stripes Yardage SKU# 5156-R

Wow! (I just realized I say this word in every post!)
Thats a lot of food for thought!!!
Get going people...

P.S. We have another fabulous guest Expert for the next week...
Any guesses???

You want a hint???
1. Its a HE!

Rectangle Swoonerie - Finished!

2. He can make lovwly quilts for girls as well as some masculine ones for the men!

Confetti Quilt

3. His sewing skills are awesome!!!

Pillow Talk Swap 4

4. He's one of the founder members of the most loved e-zine  around!

5. He's a 36 year old Dad (lucky kids!) to his 3 angels and Quilt Dad to all of us!!!

John Adams, Cary NC!

I bet next week's going to be awesome too... Wait till tomorrow!!!

Meanwhile upload your TAN photos!

you know the rules... But just in case you forget...
Here are the rules of the game, again...

Rules of the game :
1. You can enter as many photographs as you desire in the next 48 hours! 
2. Irrelevant or disqualified photographs will be removed from the group pool... 
3. If anyone is found uploading photographs NOT CLICKED BY THEM BUT DOWNLOADED FROM THE INTERNET  they will be banned from the group.
4. The photograph MUST contain the "Color of the Day" - Tan!
5. Uploads allowed until 11.59 pm 8th May 2011, GMT. 


  1. I love tan with navy and red. It makes me think of summers at the shore, sail boats and dock shoes.

  2. I'd like to see tan with summer house lime & bunny hill blue with maybe some purple thrown in.

  3. I think this is a great series. We see colour around us all the time but we so rarely actually look at it. I find seeing the colour combinations others put together very inspiring and am trying to make a point of checking the flickr group often. It is refreshing to focus on colour for awhile - my local walks have taken on a new dimension.


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