Saturday, May 28, 2011

FQS Bella Parade Weekly Giveaway # 4

Another Friday, the last of this month and time for another fabulous giveaway...

Bella Parade Fat Quarter Bundle Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

Are you ready for it?

Here's your hoop this week... 

Tell me 3 things about me / my blog that you like and 3 that you don't!

Just one entry per person...

I'll draw a winner on Tuesday, 31st May...




  1. I'm loving all the solids on display, I'm loving that I won a yard of lime fabric, I'm loving your enthusiasm. I didn't love uploading lots and lots of photos, but I do like that you modified that part way through the process. It seemed like a lot of work on your end.

    Oh, I also love Bry's quilt!

  2. Like:
    Great photos
    bright colors
    great examples of color
    Being asked what I dislike
    Never seeing my name as a winner
    Missing link back to flickr group when new color is listed

  3. I like your pictures,
    your happy nature which shines through
    and your lovely patterns!
    I'm sorry I can't think of 3 things I dislike

  4. I like your energy to do this contest, it has made me think more about the individual colours in my quilting and in the world around me which was, I think, the whole point. I like your patterns (which is not about the contest) and I hope you keep designing more. I like that you changed the rules. I think you might have done a better job between your blog and the flickr group regarding which colour was up which day during which hours (I still have no idea of the start and stop times in your day (as opposed to mine), but overall we seem to have muddled through. I would have also liked to see a lot more discussion on flickr about the colours and about the quilt along, but again I appreciate that you were busy and not focused on the discussion part. And I would have liked to see a way to divide up the final prize so that more people can win, rather than only one person winning 15+ yards of fabric and the mini quilt.

    Thank you again for taking this project on!

  5. Likes: Bella Parade, colorful, no music; Dislikes: About me is at the bottom of the page instead of the top, ads between posts, "reactions" vote. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Likes: You changed the rules to be more fair for the daily drawing. You have good photos and descriptions of colors/fabrics each day.
    There are prizes from FQS.
    When someone was a no show for their expert post, you covered - and know that was a lot of work.
    (you don't mind four likes do you!)

    Dislikes: Uploading photos.
    Some things were not clear: rules, which post went with what, what is the color of the day, and too many large photos in post so slowwww load of pages.
    Lack of responses to emails or flickr discussion questions asked - did you get my mailing address for the one prize (pink) I did win?

    This was a learning experience for me regarding colors and selecting fabrics to go with a main color. Thanks for all your work.

  7. I loved the idea of the Parade, thinking about and seeing the different colours and the views of the experts; Your enthusiasm for the project; Your adaptability - changing rules where necessary and stepping up to complete posts when you'd been let down.
    I don't like - being asked this kind of question! There was sometimes just too much information/same format and even though there were different people posting I must confess I got bored (it may just be that I have the attention span of a gnat, sorry!).
    I am really sorry that the beautiful quiltalong just seemed to get lost in the huge number of posts, and it is so lovely that it really deserved a slot of its own!

  8. I like: your blog background & title font, the creativity & uniqueness of this month long program, all of the great photos you had of the colour of the day featured in actual quilts/home dec.

    What I like less: centered text on posts, that the gorgeous quilt along got sort of lost in all the colours of the day posts, that winners were not announced on the blog....but of course these are super picky and totally not important. I'm only writing them here because you asked!

  9. I like (LOVE) the fabulous colors of Bella on your blog !
    I like your beautiful quilts !
    I like your happiness that you spread !

    Dislikes :
    ???? all I can think of is that my name doesn't come up as a winner !
    Sorry , cannot come up with 2 more ; which really is a good thing , right ?

  10. I really like the themes you have done, like the bella solids and the sewing spaces. I love your infectious enthusiasm and your bright happy quilts.
    Only one thing I might say is that your header is maybe a little dark and doesn't show how "happy" and "quilty" this blog is.

  11. Liked:
    provided opportunity for me to learn to make a quilt, taught me about color and how to choose matching fabrics, and provided chance to win fabric. When you have done all this for me, I don't see any problems. Thanks for all your work to provide a great month.

  12. I am going to stay positive and name some likes!
    I love the new colour each day and seeing what others pick to go with them.
    I really appreciate the effort that you must be putting in to pull this off.
    I love that I won some fabric, even if it is brown LOL I actually love that shade!

  13. Three things I like: -The white background and the flowery design :)
    -Your idea for the parade and your dedication and enthusiasm for it
    -Your giveaways that feature your patterns! I won one and I haven't made a quilt with it yet, but it's on my to-do list!

    Dislikes (even though I don't like dislikes!):
    -The fact that you wanted us to write dislikes (although as a blogger I can understand why)
    -All of your most important (to me) blog elements at the bottom of the page - especially the about me and blog archive
    -The many spaces in your posts (though that is very picky!)
    Thanks for being a great host of the Bella Parade!

  14. 1. I Like you being very down to earth
    2. Your lovely sponsors and their generous giveaways
    3. your creativity

    Things I don't like or rather the things I wish to see in your blog;
    1. Hmmm... I wish you replied to our comments more often
    2. I wish you had more of your tutorials
    3. I wish you wrote about India a little more :D

    Thank you for organizing this fun event. Sad it is going to be end. Hope you'll come up with another one soon!

  15. I really like that you are hosting Bella Parade, I like your use of bright colours and I like that you listened to the participants and changed the rules of Bella Parade about posting photos.
    I didnt like the first rules about posting the photos, and I had to wait for the quilt along post several times. And a third - hmmmmm, cant think of anything:o)

    Its so fun working with solids and all the pretty colours, I really hope to win a FQ bundle!!

  16. I love seeing all your projects - the variety and the colour. I love your blog header. I love the way you write.

    I'm struggling for things I dislike as there's not really anything - I think you should have your about me at the top. That's it, can I just have one?

  17. I like your dedication to this project. It must have been a tremendous amount of work.

    I like your generosity. It shines through on your blog.

    I like that your blog has a simple layout and is easy to read.

    I don't like that your links under "downloads" don't work. (really wanted to look at that laptop sleeve)

    I don't like that your followers are all the way at the bottom of the page (took me a while to find it)

    I don't like listing dislikes it seems unfair considering all you have done.

  18. Likes: Your new blog look, seeing the bella colors matched with fabric, no music on your blog

    Dislikes: Ads after the posts, I sometimes have trouble understanding your contests, having to say what I don't like I prefer to only say things if I have something nice to say.

  19. Likes: Lots of color examples in posts and posts are friendly, upbeat. Heck having a contest at all is a lot of work and I appreciate that too.
    Dislikes: I had to go back to a previous post for instructions on the quilt along and it took a bit to track it down. Perhaps put those on a separate tab under Quilt along. Just a thought.

  20. 1. I like the regularity of the posts. I look forward to the post to see what colour is up. You have taken A LOT of time to put this all together.
    2. I like that I was introduced to Bella Solids. I didn't know that there were that many colours available.
    3. I like the modified rules for the picture uploads.

    1. I don't like that some bloggers/posters bailed on you and didn't send you picks. That wasn't very nice.
    2. I REALLY don't like that I haven't won anything.

  21. I like the blue flower in the lower left and upper right that stays there all the time, no matter how you scroll up or down.

    I like the nice clean white background and the generous spacing. No big blocks of writing makes it so easy to read.

    I like your enthusiasm. I can't imagine taking on a big project like this Bella promo with two small children at home.

    I don't like that about me and the blog archive are buried at the end.

    I don't like that you don't show your followers, or have an easy way for followers to join up. It's a good thing I already follow you, otherwise I would give up.

    I don't like that I did the work of picking solids and prints to match my colour and then it never got posted at all. I know that Blogger was down so I'm not blaming you.

  22. I have to take back my second dislike, because now your follower button is showing. But it is buried at the bottom of the page still. (it was hard to think of things I don't like :))

  23. I like learning more about colour from the Bella Parade post. I like the Bella Parade Quilt Along. I like all the work you put into this blog. Thanks for that. Dislikes? Nothing really. You could put About Me at the top right side. You could put follows on the right side closer to the top. You could put your Etsy shop link in a more obvious place too.

  24. I'm fairly new to your blog, but I really liked all of the photos, descriptions, and quilting ideas for the solids. It was super informative and I can imagine a crazy amount of work for you. Thanks! As for what I don't like...since I'm new I don't have much to complain about. The only thing I couldn't find easily is the about you section. I think it should be at the top by your other links.

  25. Like:
    All the lovely colours,
    Inspiration that it gives,
    and the photos you post of the colours in 'action'.
    Never winning :p
    Not having enough time to read more of your blog
    Not seeing the links to the flicker group.

  26. i like: the download section, the bright colors on the blog, great new ideas
    don't like: seeing such great ideas and adding them to my to do list =), would like to see an easy to find search at the top of the page, and that is it.

  27. I like (1) that your blog background isn't busy, (2) that you post often! and (3) that you share all your creative ideas with us!

    I'm not so fond of (1) that the Google Friend Connect is all the way at the bottom, (2) the "reactions" vote - what is that about? and (3) ads.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  28. Like:
    The inclusion and explanation of your holidays :)
    Aadi :)
    Your enthusiasm for everything!

    I miss the old cute house blog header
    I would like more tutorials, I love seeing how different people tackle things
    I donèt like jumping through hoops LOL :)

  29. I like that you ask different people to choice prints and solidsn to go with the color of the day; seeing all of the beautiful colors and seeing what color other people choose. It is usually out of my comfort zone. I also like that you listen to your fans and are flexible about the rules. I really can't think of much that I dislike, except that I haven't won yet. :) I do appreciate all of your hard work.


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