Thursday, June 30, 2011

Playing with tiny scraps...

Its been quite a long time since I have shared anything about my projects with you...

I signed up for the Mini QT Swap on Flickr... And this month's theme was True Mini

You want to know how small scraps I was playing with???


Okay that does not really give you an idea, right?

Here's something that will...

They're that small!

1.5" trimmed HSTs

Lovely HSTs

Dont they look yummy???


And the trimmings are yummier!

Sneak Peek - Mini QT

Here's the quilt... I hope my partner likes it!

Secondly, I also made an angel package for the MMM swap...

Here's what I made...

I cannot disclose much since my partner hasn't received it yet...

MMM Package sent

But here's item #1 : Something that she really wanted

MMM Package sent

Item # 2 - lovebirds on a swing!

MMM Package sent - Fabric

Item # 3 : Fabric!!! Some Silent Cinema, Some Echino, Some Monaluna and Some Indian Yumminess!

I also made a Mug rug for my parter of the Mug Rug Swap Adventure

Mug Rug

I used this tutorial... Do check it out!

Did you like it???

I enjoyed making it all...


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sewing Spaces Focus Again

Like I told you earlier, I'm launching another Blog dedicated to Sewing Spaces and their Organization... 

I have so far realized that this is a continuous process... 
I can never say "I have done my sewing room"... 
I always have the urge to move things around! Even change rooms...

And after "doing" my sewing room, I have suddenly started feeling that my home office room would have been a better choice for the sewing room... 

I doubt whether DH will agree to it, but I am "seriously" considering, shifting all my sewing stuff into the Home Office once again...

The greatest advantage here is that I have a full view of the Kitchen and Dining... Also since Aadi's toys are in the Dining Room, I can work while he plays and I do not have to carry his toys to my sewing room so that I can talk to him while I work!

Also, this room has a larger shelf on the wall... Do you know what it means? I can store more fabric in here!!!

What do you say? Do I do it?

Here's an old picture of the room...

It is much neater now...

But I do not have a picture of it! I will get one and upload if I can...

See those shelves on the wall, Can you Imagine "HOW MUCH" fabric can be stored there??? So many opportunities!!!

Absolutely tempting...

Do you have a sewing space that you are proud of? Email me at 13woodhouseroad[at]gmail[dot]com at once and let me know so that I book a place for you on the SSF train!

We will be havin 2 guest posts a week (min) along with One day dedicated to Organization tips from the readers as well as experts...

Mail me the tips you'd like me to include too... And spread the word... We'll launch soon!!! Very soon... Meanwhile Join the Flickr Group
Like our Facebook page

But, this time, I want the blog to be really good and so I'm not doing it myself... I'm asking Sheila from Blog Designs by Sheila to do it for me... I really loved her portfolio... Have a look...

Here are some of my favorites

All images are from Sheila's Blog

Smitten by the City

Cristie Marie Photography

Inside Out

Masala Mango Mantra

Non-Stop Diva

Camilla V. Saulsbury

Life On Orchard Road

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?

Dont want to spend on a package? You can select one of the freebies that she has to offer!!!

And guys, no, Sheila has not sponsored this post, she does not even know I'm writing this... :) I just happened to find a wonderful person to do my job and I'd love all of you to know about her too!

Back to SSF, if you want to feature your sewing space on my blog, email me ASAP...


Monday, June 27, 2011

Sewing Spaces Focus Revisited!!!

Remember January this year??? We had a great time doing Sewing Spaces Focus...

I'm revisiting the wonderful time we had...

A whole new approach to Designing and Organizing Sewing Spaces...

A brand new blog...

Sewing Spaces Focus

Interested in doing a guest post???

Email me at 13woodhouseroad(at)gmail(dot)com

The first post will be live on the 1st of July!

Join the fun...


Sunday, June 26, 2011


I know I have been MIA for a long time now... Life has just been so busy... And with so much of blogging in the last month, I felt I should remain away from blogger for a while...

But I'm back today with a couple of things...

First is the story of an Elephant - Toto!

Toto was born in Ottawa, Canada...

Trunk up!

 His mother Katy, had looked after him well and he had grown into a fine boy...


It was time for Katy to give away her boy to someone across the seas...

up close quilting

So she packed him nice little accompaniments and sent him across with a heavy heart, sometime in February...

up close quilting

She waited to hear news from her friend... (She could not directly ask her as they weren't supposed to tell whom they are sending babies to... The friend had a strong intuition that this one was coming her way though!) But there was no word... She even tried prodding and poking around her blog and flickr pool...

But still, there was nothing at all!

Now Katy started getting nervous... She was worried that her little boy had got lost somewhere... 

It was 4 months since her boy had gone off on a route that would normally take 4-6 weeks! And there had been no word from him at all...

Panic was starting to set in... And arrangements had been made for the friend to receive another wonderful boy instead...

And on that very day.... Toto reached his destination 13 Woodhouse Road!!!

DQS10 package finally arrived from Katy - Lethargic Lass!

He was accompanied by some lovely fabric, pencils (there were 2, but Aadi had already claimed on and by the time I am putting this on my blog- its size must have reduced to an inch!), stickers (they are inside his wardrobe door!) and some lovely scented candles!!!

Thank you Katy for making me this beautiful quilt! I had a gut feeling that this one was mine ever since I saw the colors... And also the design! I had loved it right from the first sketch, and was hoping it was for me right then...

Its absolutely P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

I named the cutie Toto because he took so long to come to me (Toto = short for Tortoise)

Isn't he the most gorgeous guy??

My lovely Toto!

Now I'm going to put him up on my sewing room wall!

On another note, I worked on a number of projects...  But I guess they will have independent posts!!!

I'll let you be jealous of me for a day!!!



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FQS Bella Parade Grand Finale Giveaway - Winner

Withut taking any of your time, I'm excited to announce the winner of the FQS Bella Parade Grand Finale

And the person to win the Half Yard Bundle is 

Commentor # 3 Quilt Jane!!!

Congratulations Jane!!!

I already have your address, so your package will be on its way very soon!!!

I'm off to a wedding today... Will be back in 3 days!!!

See you guys then!!!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Call for Cecilia

This is the last call for Cecilia who has won the FQ Bundle...

Contact me within 24 hours with your address or I'll be choosing another winner for the Bella Parade FQ Bundle Weekly Giveaway # 4


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A fresh day, a new start...

Now that the Bella Parade is over, I need to do a few things...
Here's my not so long list
1. Make the buildings postcards for 4x6 group and send the monochromatic & buildings - target Mon 6th June.
2. Update my February Bee in Oz block tally - target - Sat 4th June
3. All my swap stuff - target - Sat 11th June
4. Aadi's Dr Suess Quilt - target - Sun 12th June
5. Send Fabric for my 1st Wed Bee - target - Mon 6th June

I'll add more things when I remember...
I also have to check on all the parcels that I have sent and have not been received... 

Hmmm, I also think I need to make my Business Cards...

Why do I need them??? Well, honestly, Reason # 1 - I have been using my Architect Shruti Dandekar stationary too long... And I dont think they really work with my 13 Woodhouse Road image...

I also will be participating in quite a few events and I find giving out good quality business cards really makes a lot of difference... Some of the stuff that I have received, came along with some really cute cards that I've kept properly... This also increases my chances of going back to that5 shop for buying stuff... I guess my customers too will feel the same way if I have an impressive card to accompany my stuff...

Also, when I am out meeting like-minded people, I'd like to exchange business cards... At that time, I do not like to have to write my blog and my Etsy shop URL on my current business card every time... I always keep a two sided business card holder with me to store cards - one side for my own cards and the other for the ones I receive. I later on sort them by the business... I do keep the cards received with my online orders in a drawer near my PC so that they are handy if I need to order something online... My other cards are in my folder (A4 size) - which also doubles as my Control Journal... (Didn't you know I am a Flylady fan?)

I am seriously thinking of ordering from Tiny Prints... They have a wonderful collection of business cards...

Logo Business Cards
Logo Business Cards

Custom Business Cards
Custom Business Cards

Folded Business Cards
Folded Business Cards

Square Business Cards
Square Business Cards

These are a few of my favorite ones

Extraordinary Angle Business CardsSquare Links Business Cards

Fun Flourish Business CardsFlourishing Tree Business Cards

Classic Writer Business CardsSealed Envelope Business Cards

Have you checked out tiny prints yet? Do that... I assure you you will not be disappointed...

P.S. These views about are my own. I haven't been paid for saying this, but I will be getting 50 business cards from them for spreading the word!