Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A fresh day, a new start...

Now that the Bella Parade is over, I need to do a few things...
Here's my not so long list
1. Make the buildings postcards for 4x6 group and send the monochromatic & buildings - target Mon 6th June.
2. Update my February Bee in Oz block tally - target - Sat 4th June
3. All my swap stuff - target - Sat 11th June
4. Aadi's Dr Suess Quilt - target - Sun 12th June
5. Send Fabric for my 1st Wed Bee - target - Mon 6th June

I'll add more things when I remember...
I also have to check on all the parcels that I have sent and have not been received... 

Hmmm, I also think I need to make my Business Cards...

Why do I need them??? Well, honestly, Reason # 1 - I have been using my Architect Shruti Dandekar stationary too long... And I dont think they really work with my 13 Woodhouse Road image...

I also will be participating in quite a few events and I find giving out good quality business cards really makes a lot of difference... Some of the stuff that I have received, came along with some really cute cards that I've kept properly... This also increases my chances of going back to that5 shop for buying stuff... I guess my customers too will feel the same way if I have an impressive card to accompany my stuff...

Also, when I am out meeting like-minded people, I'd like to exchange business cards... At that time, I do not like to have to write my blog and my Etsy shop URL on my current business card every time... I always keep a two sided business card holder with me to store cards - one side for my own cards and the other for the ones I receive. I later on sort them by the business... I do keep the cards received with my online orders in a drawer near my PC so that they are handy if I need to order something online... My other cards are in my folder (A4 size) - which also doubles as my Control Journal... (Didn't you know I am a Flylady fan?)

I am seriously thinking of ordering from Tiny Prints... They have a wonderful collection of business cards...

Logo Business Cards
Logo Business Cards

Custom Business Cards
Custom Business Cards

Folded Business Cards
Folded Business Cards

Square Business Cards
Square Business Cards

These are a few of my favorite ones

Extraordinary Angle Business CardsSquare Links Business Cards

Fun Flourish Business CardsFlourishing Tree Business Cards

Classic Writer Business CardsSealed Envelope Business Cards

Have you checked out tiny prints yet? Do that... I assure you you will not be disappointed...

P.S. These views about are my own. I haven't been paid for saying this, but I will be getting 50 business cards from them for spreading the word!



  1. That will be good to receive a Postcard but don't forget the Circles/Triangles. You are a little behind:(
    btw I find it more fun to design and print my own cards.

  2. I use to make my own cards but I wanted something nicer looking. I ordered some at an awesome price-look for coupon codes-from Moo. Thick, two sided I imported pics for the back from my flicker. You can use different images and put a solid color(lime) with contrasting font (snow) on the back. I ended up doing both full and half size. I love the half size and have seen people use them as tags on quilts and things they sell. I always send one with my swap stuff. Good luck.

  3. No 1 on your list should have been "have a little rest"!


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