Sunday, June 26, 2011


I know I have been MIA for a long time now... Life has just been so busy... And with so much of blogging in the last month, I felt I should remain away from blogger for a while...

But I'm back today with a couple of things...

First is the story of an Elephant - Toto!

Toto was born in Ottawa, Canada...

Trunk up!

 His mother Katy, had looked after him well and he had grown into a fine boy...


It was time for Katy to give away her boy to someone across the seas...

up close quilting

So she packed him nice little accompaniments and sent him across with a heavy heart, sometime in February...

up close quilting

She waited to hear news from her friend... (She could not directly ask her as they weren't supposed to tell whom they are sending babies to... The friend had a strong intuition that this one was coming her way though!) But there was no word... She even tried prodding and poking around her blog and flickr pool...

But still, there was nothing at all!

Now Katy started getting nervous... She was worried that her little boy had got lost somewhere... 

It was 4 months since her boy had gone off on a route that would normally take 4-6 weeks! And there had been no word from him at all...

Panic was starting to set in... And arrangements had been made for the friend to receive another wonderful boy instead...

And on that very day.... Toto reached his destination 13 Woodhouse Road!!!

DQS10 package finally arrived from Katy - Lethargic Lass!

He was accompanied by some lovely fabric, pencils (there were 2, but Aadi had already claimed on and by the time I am putting this on my blog- its size must have reduced to an inch!), stickers (they are inside his wardrobe door!) and some lovely scented candles!!!

Thank you Katy for making me this beautiful quilt! I had a gut feeling that this one was mine ever since I saw the colors... And also the design! I had loved it right from the first sketch, and was hoping it was for me right then...

Its absolutely P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

I named the cutie Toto because he took so long to come to me (Toto = short for Tortoise)

Isn't he the most gorgeous guy??

My lovely Toto!

Now I'm going to put him up on my sewing room wall!

On another note, I worked on a number of projects...  But I guess they will have independent posts!!!

I'll let you be jealous of me for a day!!!




  1. It is a lovely elephant, and you have told a nice story!

  2. What a cute story and sweet wall-hanging! Enjoy it!

  3. I think this is my favourite post ever :) Love the way you tell a story! I am so glad Toto made it to you finally lol


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