Thursday, June 30, 2011

Playing with tiny scraps...

Its been quite a long time since I have shared anything about my projects with you...

I signed up for the Mini QT Swap on Flickr... And this month's theme was True Mini

You want to know how small scraps I was playing with???


Okay that does not really give you an idea, right?

Here's something that will...

They're that small!

1.5" trimmed HSTs

Lovely HSTs

Dont they look yummy???


And the trimmings are yummier!

Sneak Peek - Mini QT

Here's the quilt... I hope my partner likes it!

Secondly, I also made an angel package for the MMM swap...

Here's what I made...

I cannot disclose much since my partner hasn't received it yet...

MMM Package sent

But here's item #1 : Something that she really wanted

MMM Package sent

Item # 2 - lovebirds on a swing!

MMM Package sent - Fabric

Item # 3 : Fabric!!! Some Silent Cinema, Some Echino, Some Monaluna and Some Indian Yumminess!

I also made a Mug rug for my parter of the Mug Rug Swap Adventure

Mug Rug

I used this tutorial... Do check it out!

Did you like it???

I enjoyed making it all...



  1. I love the black and white .. I love everything you've made. And the fabrics are beautiful ..

  2. It's all great...what is that item #1?

  3. Hey Shruti,

    This is Carol from Quilting in India. Started a new blog so using that id.

    Really like the warli fabric. So the black doesn't run? What cotton are you using?

    Happy that you're showing us some of your work again. :)

  4. I love the black warli print Shruti.....i have bought the same in Red the other day and imagine my surprise on seeing the same prnt in black on your blog. :)
    Mind if i copy that design? It looks too good!

  5. I like all the collections of shruti. Each and every one different color and design is simple and perfect. Most of the people like this kind of design only.

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