Monday, June 27, 2011

Sewing Spaces Focus Revisited!!!

Remember January this year??? We had a great time doing Sewing Spaces Focus...

I'm revisiting the wonderful time we had...

A whole new approach to Designing and Organizing Sewing Spaces...

A brand new blog...

Sewing Spaces Focus

Interested in doing a guest post???

Email me at 13woodhouseroad(at)gmail(dot)com

The first post will be live on the 1st of July!

Join the fun...



  1. great idea! I unfortunately have very few redeeming qualities about my sewing space to share, aside from the sheer magnitude of my (very) unorganized stash!

  2. Hear, hear!! I'm all over seeing how much more organized other people are than me!! I loved your series. Don't think I can contribute, although I have moved to a temporary small space along the wall in our dining room since my stepson is home for the summer.
    Looking forward to seeing the new posts!

  3. I'll participate but I will have to tidy up first. You can see a bit of my create space in these posts


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