Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dr Suess Quilt, Playing with my Baby and some batting questions answered...

The title of my post says it all today...

First off, is my first finish in these crazy times... 

Remember the fabric I received in my MMM swap last round???


Well, I've put it to use...

The Dr Suess quilt for Kiddo!

And there is one happy recipient!!!

I used a woolen blanket as batting and some wonderful flannel as backing... The quilt is just so snuggly...

I love it!!! And so does Aadi... :) Thats a happy Mom too!

I'm linking up this quilt to Lily's Quilts' Fresh Sewing Day!!!

Fresh Sewing Day

Now that I've made the quilt, there are a few more things on my to-do list for his room... Some pillowcases, some wall art, some organization bins... etc...

One of the waiting list items is wall art! I'm making a wall quilt with the same fabric...

I'm playing with my Accuquilt Go! Baby for this one... A tutorial will come up next week!

Here's a sneak peek...

And some hand sewing...

And now to the third part of my post, some batting questions answered...

In India, we do not get cotton batting! I heard a few of you gasp... I know its ridiculous, but yeah, we do not get it here.. Someone recently asked me what I used in my quilts...

I initially used a polyester batting, but I was not comfortable with the idea of using it for children... I thought about using alternatives...

I started using two layers of plain white flannel...

Drill Flannel Fabric

I also used multiple layers of muslin... But this meant a lot more tedious sandwiching process...

I then used a woolen shawl in one of my quilts and found that it was very comfortable to work with...

But that was only because the quilt was dark and busy, I could get away with it...

For Aadi's quilt, I decided to use a woolen blanket, and I'm just so happy with the result, I've already placed an order for 6 in white color!

What do you use as batting if you do not get in your part?


  1. Iv never thought of using anything else but batting but thanks for the idea! I want to use somethng lofty for my sons quilt that im working on at the moment, but I dont wnat to use dream puff again as thats poly and cotton is to heavy, where can I get woolen blankets from? and do they cost a lot?

    thanks Dana http//

  2. We take so much for granted in the United States. Clever idea to use the woolen blanket. I could see were that would make a wonderful quilt.

  3. I use woolen blankets too..or 2 layers of white flannel...which amounts to a tedious basting process.

  4. We get cotton batting here but I sometimes use a fleece blanket from IKEA instead, they are very cheap and very cosy too. ove your Dr Seuss quilt!

  5. I thought about using a woolen blanket but I never have for fear the quilt would end up being too heavy. I have used fleece before.
    Your quilt looks great!

  6. Great quilt - have started using wool wadding which is lovely but expensive - a blanket might be a cheaper alternative?

  7. :) Thanks for the post Shruti...never thought of using a woolen blanket... I'm glad you've put this info up.

  8. Nothing as fun as a room makeover! Sweet Suess quilt.

  9. I really like your Dr. Seuss quilt! Looks like your son does too.

  10. Hi.. I'm Josie from Bangalore and I can understand the trouble with battings in India. I have used flannel as batting before. I bought polyester batting recently, but, I havent used it yet. The Dr. Seuss quilt looks lovely.

    Did you buy the accuquilt cutter? how much did it cost you to get it shipped to India? I am glad I stumbled on your blog.. nice to 'meet' a fellow quilter from India. Do visit my blog. :-)

  11. Thank you so much for the info.. I bought a fleece blanket but have not used it yet.
    I am from Mangalore and it is very difficult to get materials here.. Does anyone know what to call flannel material in Kannada??

    And where would i get a rotary cutter and a cutting mat??


  12. Thanks Shruti for the blanket idea. I have tried using multiple layers of fabric as batting ending up with disastrous results. I haven't found polyester batting yet...

    Your quilt looks amazing !


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  14. Look at that happy face! Darling.

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    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  15. I use old cotton/muslin sarees for quilts I make for family.Otherwise I use flannel. Many times I just make the quilt top and line it with flannel/cotton fabric and thats it, as there is hardly any winter where I live.

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