Friday, July 8, 2011

A few more finishes...

I knew from the moment my partner info for the PP8 swap arrived, what I was going to make...

Red Linen Dishtowels with rainbow hexies received in my Inchy Hexagon Swap! P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

Red Dishtowels

So what happened????

SHRUTI happened... I was not happy with what I did... Not that I did not like it, but I wanted something more... I wasn't "satisfied"...

Now, those dishtowels had sat a long time on my table, come on deadline is tomorrow... 

I was going through all my fabric... I'm purging a lot of it... (I'll be giving away a lot of it very soon...) Reason??? We've decided to redo our kitchen!

Now ask me what has that got to do with the fabric?

Well, it so happens that the architect in me thinks that the PERFECT place for my kitchen is actually where my sewing room currently is! So I'm hauling everything out of it... Not actually hauling, but going through it and packing it all up - till the work begins...

So I come across this fabulous piece of linen - Pink Gingham! 

Now what would I need it for? 

Wait... Dont you have that Amy Butler Soul Blossoms one yard you ordered from FQS???

Yup I do...

So mix them together and make another set for your partner!

Another 20 minutes later, I had these beauties...

Pink Dishtowels...

Excuse me for the crappy pic... My phone was the only thing available to click this one! And trust me, this could not wait!

So here's what I'm sending...

The Red Dishtowels + The Pink Dishtowels + Some lovely Indian Fabric Charm Squares + 2 Tigers + 1 Baked Earth Diya (you put in some oil, and a wick - a piece of twine works perfecty well - and light it!!!

PP8 Sent

Do you like it, partner???


  1. loved it... awesome work again.. jus the way u always manage!

  2. I recognise those hexies. I am glad they became part of a beautiful gift.

  3. the hexie dishtowels are gorgeous, Shruti!!!

  4. these are beautiful my dear..lucky partner


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