Thursday, November 24, 2011

Going away...

I''m going away for a week!

Its my dear cousin's wedding and we're going to have a great time...

I and Anand, the one who's getting married, are just 1 month apart...
He was born on Dec 1 and me on Jan 2!

Thats him with my Sis - Kshama's son Aayush

We've always shared a great bond... We wrote to each other frequently throughout school and college... :)

Thats me with Anand, my 2 other lovely cousins - Poorva and Aishwarya, along with Anand's dad whom we call Nanu kaka and Aadi on the morning of Aadi's naming ceremony...

The more we started using facebook and email, the letter writing dwindled... Now both of us are pretty busy - he is a doctor - and we do not write (even emails) to each other that frequently... But we both know that when we need a friend to confide in, we do have each other!

Thats how 10 of us played carrom on a single board (meant for 4)


Thats me with all my wonderful brothers and Nanu kaka on a trip, we must have been in school then... Anand's the one sitting down...

Love you Anand!!! And here's wishing you an Monika a wonderful life ahead!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Did you hear about it? 

They brings you the best in all things crafts. 

They are on the frontlines of the crafting industry, discovering and delivering the latest designs and trends.

All members are invited to their weekly private sales on their website

New sales will begin each Monday, Wednesday and Friday and last a total of 7 days or until all items are sold out.  

Each sale features carefully selected collections of crafts which are available for a limited time.  

To start, they will have a strong emphasis on scrapbooking and paper crafts supplies, but will soon offer a wide array of general crafting items.  

Be sure to log in early, as quantities are limited and items often sell out quickly.

Go check it out...



Monday, November 21, 2011

Winner - S!!!

Hey guys... 7 people guessed what was ABC of Quilting...

2 are right or came near to it...

ABC of Quilting is a series of 26 posts that take you guys on an extensive tour through the basics of quilting.

I'm doing this, mainly, for my fellow quilters from India who need to know more...

Here's a button for you guys to grab...

Go ahead add it to your blog!

And contributors, here's a special button for you

And bookmark January 2nd... Yes, thats my Birthday, but thats not why I want you to mark it...

I want you to mark it because the series will run from 2nd January - 31st January 2012!

Here's a list of topics we'll be talking about

1. A beginning of a new journey : Introduction to quilting, history and contemporary scene
2. Blogland tour : a tour of some of your favorite quilting blogs that could be motivating
3. Cut them up : Fabric Basics - types of fabric that can be used, fabric vocabulary, fabric preparation etc
4. Designer Fabric : All about fabric designers, precuts etc
5. Endless Resources : Online fabric resources
6. Fun with color : Fabric selection for quilting
7. Get, Set, Go! : Quilting Tools - conventional and non conventional.
8. Hang on... : Buying quilting tools online
9. Inside your quilt : Batting, batting alternatives
10. Jigsaw - putting it together : Planning Quilt, Calculating requirements
11. Know thy Quilt : patterns, templates, stencils and how to use them or modify them to suit you.
12. Lots more : Extensive resource of Quilting books, magazines, online tutorials and patterns
13. Make the cut : Cutting basics - Rotary and with scissors
14. Never Skip a Stitch : Sewing machine basics + maintenance
15. Organized sewing : Machine piecing
16. Piece by hand : English Paper piecing 
17. Quilt blocks : Some basic block constructions
18. Rendezvous with the layers : Quilt Sandwich, basting techniques
19. Super Simple Stitching : Machine quilting, straight line and FMQ
20. To please your eyes : FMQ design options
21. Understanding Long Arming : Long Arm Quilting
22. Very Handmade : Hand Quilting
23. Wonderful Options : Alternative Quilting - trapunto, italian,sashiko, tied etc
24. XXXX : Decorative stitches and embellishments - applique, sequins etc
25. Yearning to finish : Binding - bias and straight grain
26. Zoom ahead : Quilt use, display and care. Also tips for quilt photography. 
I am still looking for contributors for the Green topics. If anybody is interested please email me at 13woodhouseroad[at]gmail[dot]com

Now, back to the winners

There were 2 people who guessed right - I'm not considering Doris 'coz she's a contributor...

And since choosing 1 out of 2 does not really make sense, I'm making another samosa and one to each of them!!!

So, hurry up girls and email me your postal address...


Friday, November 18, 2011

Stitches and Color Quilt Finished!!!

I finally made my decision and quilted the Stitches and Color Quilt in a style that I felt would complement Malka's and yet keep it "me".

Here's the quilt in all its glory... I'm so loving this one...

The colors are bright and warm...

Here's the entire front!

A little playing with the camera!

Here's the quilting detail... I went with free motion lines alternating vertical and horizontal in blocks...

Here's the back... The fabric is nummers by ikea... brought from here.

here you can see the detail of quilting... forgive those red threads... I was too excited to pick those tiny things that got caught up while FMQing...

Ready for? Maybe listing into my etsy shop?

Or maybe I'll gift it to someone...

Not decided...

I'll think of something...


By the way did you guys see my studio? Its on Sewing Spaces Focus... Do tell me what you think about it...

Cheers again!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quilting confusions...

I already showed you guys how this


which eventually turned into this

Now I've got a problem... 

How do I quilt it?

I tried stippling, i ripped it out... I tried hand quilting - i ripped that out too...

Any suggestions???


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FQ, a new look and ABC of Quilting!

First news first,

I am a contributor in the latest issue of Fat Quarterly!

I wrote a long boring article about the already long Bella Parade and he wonderful guys were happy to include it in their issue!!!

Buy to issue to enter a wonderful giveaway too...

Next do you see the brand new look of my blog?

Thats thanks to Margi! Yeah, she is the one who did the blog for One Shabby Chic. She patiently worked with me till I was satisfied and we came up with this neat, simple and stylish look!

Go have a peep at her other designs!

Now onto the last news... rather a contest...

ABC of Quilting!

Whats that? 

Any guesses? 

You can win one of the 3 samosa pouches that I made...

I'm talking about this one


I'll draw a winner from the correct answers on Monday 21st Nov 6.00 AM IST


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Samosas anyone???


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Playing with stitches and colors...

I recently ordered a layer cake of A Stitch in Color by Malka Dubrawsky. The fabric was so beautiful, I hardly had the heart to cut through it... I felt it was like a birthday cake that was so perfect that you dont feel like cutting it up into pieces...

After I stroked it for a while, looked at it for a long time and kept it away after putting it on my cutting mat  a thousand times, I decided I should just do it... I mean, I can always order some more!

So I started off... 

I cut up 18 of the 10" squares into strips and sewed them together. Then I cut them perpendicular to the seams, into strips of random width...

All was well untill then... I even had a 2 yard piece of my favorite white fabric waiting...

Now, While I was cleaning up around the mat, I picked up these pieces and placed them on the red solid that was on my mat waiting for another project!

And then what I had thought would look like this...

in fact became...

I am really loving this one! Its a baby quilt 36" x 48"... And I'm sure that the baby who uses it will love the colors... And not to forget that the mom will love the fact that the color wont show stains easily!!!

Now I'm wondering if I should back it with red or black and white? Any suggestions? (I'm thinking of a solid yellow binding for this one!)


Monday, November 7, 2011

India Modern Quilt Guild

Good news guys!

The Modern Quilt Guild has come to India! We have started an India Modern Quilt Guild for all the modern quilters in India. 

Right now we are keeping our activities restricted to an online community, considering the distances. But very soon be prepared to have fun with loads of activities like Sewing Retreats, Quilt Exhibitions and Quilt Classes!!!

All those who haven't yet joined. Hop on for a wonderful ride...


Saturday, November 5, 2011

I have been up to something...

My reader (google reader, that is) is full of stuff that makes me more and more jealous of all those who have been enjoying a terrific time at the Quilt Market!

I'll go there some day... But right now, I have been busy with something...

Want a peep into my sewing room?

Here's what it is currently looking like!

I have been busy going through ALL my stash of Indian fabric and converting them into beautiful triangles!

Here's some feast for your eyes... 

Just a peep, though... You'll see it in its full glory when O2ak is launched!

Do you like - Black and White?

Or maybe want something for Christmas?

Some eggy fun? Late for this easter, but not so for next year!

Or maybe some masculine blues...

Or some subtle oranges...

Some wild purples...

or some blushing pinks!


Happy quilting!!!