Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FQ, a new look and ABC of Quilting!

First news first,

I am a contributor in the latest issue of Fat Quarterly!

I wrote a long boring article about the already long Bella Parade and he wonderful guys were happy to include it in their issue!!!

Buy to issue to enter a wonderful giveaway too...

Next do you see the brand new look of my blog?

Thats thanks to Margi! Yeah, she is the one who did the blog for One Shabby Chic. She patiently worked with me till I was satisfied and we came up with this neat, simple and stylish look!

Go have a peep at her other designs!

Now onto the last news... rather a contest...

ABC of Quilting!

Whats that? 

Any guesses? 

You can win one of the 3 samosa pouches that I made...

I'm talking about this one


I'll draw a winner from the correct answers on Monday 21st Nov 6.00 AM IST



  1. The only thing I can come up with is that you are selling your patterns in a shop called ABC's of quilting or the shop is about to become a sponsor of your blog. I'm extremely curious now!

  2. The basic steps of quilting - a QAL, series of posts or a book? Or maybe All Beautiful Colors of Quilting?

  3. Some sort of QAL - perhaps each letter is a different block??? or technique??

  4. Basics of quilting, ABCs, basics... Love that I found your blog and happy to help out as a guest poster!

  5. Congratulations on your article being published! How exciting! And love the new look of your blog and your samosa pouches!!! Well done!

  6. Is it a Tutorial series for newbies!


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