Saturday, November 5, 2011

I have been up to something...

My reader (google reader, that is) is full of stuff that makes me more and more jealous of all those who have been enjoying a terrific time at the Quilt Market!

I'll go there some day... But right now, I have been busy with something...

Want a peep into my sewing room?

Here's what it is currently looking like!

I have been busy going through ALL my stash of Indian fabric and converting them into beautiful triangles!

Here's some feast for your eyes... 

Just a peep, though... You'll see it in its full glory when O2ak is launched!

Do you like - Black and White?

Or maybe want something for Christmas?

Some eggy fun? Late for this easter, but not so for next year!

Or maybe some masculine blues...

Or some subtle oranges...

Some wild purples...

or some blushing pinks!


Happy quilting!!!



  1. The sewing room is looking fantastic. Hope the rest of the house is getting on too! Fabric looks yummy!

  2. Sorry, I've still not heard back about the swap I've sent or have yet to receive. I don't mean to be a bother, but please just let me know what it going on.
    Thanks, Deanna
    ardeannadoornbos @ yahoo . ca


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