Good news guys!

The Modern Quilt Guild has come to India! We have started an India Modern Quilt Guild for all the modern quilters in India. 

Right now we are keeping our activities restricted to an online community, considering the distances. But very soon be prepared to have fun with loads of activities like Sewing Retreats, Quilt Exhibitions and Quilt Classes!!!

All those who haven't yet joined. Hop on for a wonderful ride...



  1. awesome!! :) Welcome to the modern guild community! I joined up with my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild about a year ago and it was a great thing to do! I'm glad I did since I've made some great friends there!

  2. Hey Shruti...great news. all the very best. I'm sorry am not around when these wonderful things are happening... but maybe when I come back. :)

  3. I sent you an email to your blogger profile mail, hope you get it.

  4. Hi-

    Just wanted to share some of my projects with your group members.

    Cheers- Neko

  5. Hi Shruti, Can you tell me a place in Mumbai where I can order a kit for my mom. I live in the US and she is so keen on quilting by hand. Something easy to start with at first.

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  7. Hi Shruti
    I am a designer fr quilting fabrics.I digitally print what ever is required for some of the required squares in the quilts.
    I can offer co ordinated prints as well as as little as one meter of fabric in a required design or color.


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