Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quilting confusions...

I already showed you guys how this


which eventually turned into this

Now I've got a problem... 

How do I quilt it?

I tried stippling, i ripped it out... I tried hand quilting - i ripped that out too...

Any suggestions???



  1. Vertical lines around 1 or 1.5 inches apart?

  2. Sorry you had to rip out! I like Kelsey's lines idea. Since you have horizontal and vertical elements, why not group parts of each row/column and do a section (like the bottom row) in horizontal lines, the first column top 3 blocks in vertical lines, the 3rd row middle block vertical, right block horizontal...etc. sort of alternating horiz/vert lines in each section. The lines don't have to be marked perfectly, either. Just eyeballing them will give it a lovely organic feel. I'd use red thread. Hope you find a plan that works for you!

  3. See that squared spiral in the first picture on the fabric. You should do that in various sizes all over.

  4. Have you seen the work of Eleanor McCain? She would quilt a freestyle grid alternating yellow, green, blue and orange threads. Easy to do and stunning results, especially in the solids. Good luck and enjoy the process!

  5. I would do straight lines, maybe switch directions on different blocks. Nice texture.

  6. I like the ideas of horizontal and vertical stripes for different blocks or sections. The color grid sounds neat too.

  7. I was thinking the same thing as QuiltJane, freeform grid/spirals... the other thing I thought of was bright colors of perle cotton straight line stitches running parallel to your color strips (on the red), at random intervals.

  8. I was thinking vertical lines, but different widths apart - and if you can find a variegated thread with reds and yellows that would show up well on the red fabric.

  9. First off, it's amazing!
    Second, I'd quilt it with dense (about 1/2" apart) slightly organic lines. Slightly organic is the terminology I use to ok myself to not worry if it gets a little bit wonky or "organic" lol. Oh and on a diagonal (think 45 degree angle or so?) that helps hide any imperfections in the straightness of your piecing and your quilting! Good luck!!


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