Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh, Fransson Friday - Delayed even more...

There seems to be an issue with my blogger... It wont let me include any pictures in my posts... It has even removed the FQS Banner that I had in my post... :(

I tried doing the following
1. Upload the pictures to my Picasa and try from there - didn't work
2. Upload the pictures to my Google Album for my Blog and upload from there - not working
3. Emailing a post with the pictures - nope
4. Restarting the computer (LOL, lame but this one works sometimes) - no luck
5. Pulling my hair out and then seeing if my PC was satisfied - nope again
6. Trying to write a post from DH's Laptop - nope again

After that I did have to explain why I was so desperate to get this post online!

I agree - it can wait. I know you guys are my friends and you'll understand if the post came out a bit later than you expected. I have emailed the blogger guys and rescue should be here soon.

Maybe on Monday... So we'll have a "Oh, Fransson! Friday!" on a Monday!!! Yay!


Shruti Dandekar
(It showed my signature as a scribble that resembled my handwriting when I am writing in a moving car!)


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