Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh Fransson Fridays

It is not often that you get to "meet" (even though virtually) one of the most talented quilters around! You feel instantly inspired by their work and you cannot resist going back to them. Their impact on you is evident in each of your quilts! And when I say each - I mean - E.A.C.H.

When I started quilting, I can even say before I started quilting I was totally awed by Elizabeth Hartman's work. In-fact, the fact that I came across her blog got me interested in quilting in the first place!

I had never even heard the word "quilt" (I live in a non-English speaking nation!) before January 2010! I was thinking of buying a new sewing machine and was searching online for reviews of people's sewing machines. Google gave me a link to Elizabeth's blog. Here's where it linked me to. But I think this was the post that was the first one that I read...

The first thing I noticed about her blog was the perfection in her quilts. It was her blog that got me into quilting. I learnt all the basics from her Quilt Making Basics series. I haven't come across many of  such well written and illustrated basics!

The time has come when I have finally decided to become a full time quilter! I know this is a huge decision. Someone told me a few years back, liking what you do is important but doing what you like is better from the long term point of view! I am in love with quilting. I will also further venture into fabric design and pattern designing! But for now - its just quilting!

As a way to say thank you to Elizabeth for inspiring me to find my passion, I'll be doing a 12 month series on my blog. Every month for the coming 12 months, I'll be making one item - a quilt, pillow anything - from her pattern! The second Friday of every month will be an Oh, Fransson! Friday!!!

I'm currently working on her Kitchen Windows Quilt from her book The Practical Guide to Patchwork

Image source :

And I'm using a few of the remaining fabric squares from the Stitches and Color Quilt. This is a long and hard project. But I really want to do it. I know right now it seems simple to think - yeah - one quilt a month is absolutely doable. But then comes sick children and other family issues and all your quilting goes out of the window! But I am going to do it. In spite of the sick children and petty issues! This is important for me.

Would you like to play along?

You do not need to have a copy of her book. You can do one of the Free Tutorials and patterns from her blog.

She has many quilt projects like this one on her blog.

Image source :

An entire quilt seems too much of a commitment?

Try one of her small projects

Image source :

or you could visit her shop and buy one of the patterns.
Mixtape Quilt

or some Chopped Vegetable Pillows.

Or you could try your hand at one of the quilt along-s!!!

Billboard Quilt Along

Tokyo Subway Map Quilt-Along

Paintbox Quilt-Along

Mod Sampler Quilt-Along

I have tried doing a lot of things...

Here they are

The oops crazy nine patch!

Blocks for my Bee

My oops paintbox quilt!

My oops mobile charging station!

an April bag!

A mod sampler memory bed spread!

Little Leaves Quilt

Canasta Blocks for my bee

Another Mod Sampler Quilt

 A falling leaves hoop!

Superstar block!

Wow! Thats quite a lot of things!!!

If you want to join up, write about OFF@13WR and link up your blog to the blogroll below. You can also share it on twitter or FB. Complete one thing by next Friday and link up at the end of the weekly post.

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  1. What a special thing to do! Her blog is one of my favorites, too. I've been wanting to do the Tokyo Subway Map Quilt-Along and the wonky nine patch (I think that's what it is).

  2. I would love to join however i am not sure i could manage a project every month!


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