Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Travelogue... my attempt at orderly randomness!

Something about this fabric called to me and I had to order a half yard cut from my favorite Fat Quarter Shop to make sure that I was right. :) I can see myself ordering the entire collection in the near future...

It even has a cute selvedge! I might just buy a half or one yard bundle to get hold of the selvedges! (I'm not that crazy about them, but you have got to see this one yourself!)

So I started off with being random! You might not believe, but its hard to be random... I could not yet go crazy and stuck to just random sized blocks and random placement...

I cut random rectangles from the feature fabric :
Now We're Going Places White Cars, Scooters, & Bikes

I used the pink and orange dots from my Urbanista (I have just been arranging and re-arranging them untill now, never really had the heart to chop into them!)

I framed the rectangles with white first and then with either a pink or orange solid with a tiny bit of the dots thrown in randomly!

I then placed these and added white fabric around it to make 3 12.5" wide strips about 36" wide!

Ta-da.... Here's Travelogue - my first step towards the Random journey!

I really liked the colors here... Not in my league, but nevertheless! 

I quilted it with the method that Elizabeth has described here.

For the backing, I pulled out a lovely pink flannel that I had bought on etsy some time back!

This would be a perfect gift for a little girl!

I so loved making this!

I hope you love it too... Will be listing it in my etsy store shortly. I am dealing with some paypal issues at the moment. As soon as they are done, my store will go live!


  1. That's a fabulous quilt!! I have lots of trouble with creating randomness in a quilt myself, but that is really fantastic!!

  2. I love your quilt. I too have a problem with randomness and admire your creativity.


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