Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ABC of Quilting Post # 18

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Rendezvous with the layers : Quilt Sandwich, basting techniques

Sandwiching the quilt is one of the most important steps in quilt making. It is how you sandwich the quilt that will tell you how well your quilt will look after you have quilted it. So take your time with this one!

Here's how I do it.

First Iron everything! The quilt back, the quilt top and if possible, even your batting. I cut my batting about 4" more on each side of my finished quilt top and the backing another 4" more.

Go to a room that has a big enough floor space for you to lay the quilt on. Hardwood or tiled floors are best.

Then lay your backing WRONG SIDE UP on the floor and smooth it.

Using a masking tape (I use regular cellophane tape as I have a tiled floor and can wash it away!) and fix it to the floor. Use as many pieces as you need to make it really secure.

Now smooth the batting on top of the backing. Take your time and make it as flat as you can. Get down on your hands and knees to do this.

Now take the top and start on one side of the quilt. Lay it over the batting and smooth out any wrinkles as you go. I use my iron here to smooth out each and every wrinkle.

Now use safety pins ( I ordered my bent safety pins from Nancys Notions, if you do not have the bent ones, the regular ones work just fine) to secure all the layers together. I prefer to pin at about every 6".

Then remove the cellophane tape (or masking tape)  and you're ready to quilt it!

There are other options to this too... But you cannot gt out of the get down on your knees part!

You could use a basting spray - a temporary adhesive in spray form.

or you could be easy on your fingers and use a basting gun.

Or you could make quilting absolutely easy by using a curved needle and thread to baste your quilt. This eliminates the need for removing pins as you quilt!

Use any method you want, but take care that the sandwich is absolutely smooth. This will prevent any puckers in the quilt backing.


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