Friday, January 20, 2012

Cathedral Windows Block for the Desperate Housewife's Quilt...

Herllo to all those who have come over from Jane's blog. I was having blogger issues yesterday and could not publish this post... Sorry for the delay...

I'll be telling you all how to make a Cathedral Window block - the way I do it...

There are numerous methods around the world wide web about how to make cathedral window blocks... I am not accurate with my sewing and so I chose a method I feel I am comfortable with...

Here's how you do it...

To make a 8" square block, you'll need 4 - 4" square blocks.

 I am thinking of making a pillow and so I will be needing 4 - 8" square blocks...


For every block you will need a square of neutral fabric of a size 1" + 2 times the side of finished block.
e.g. For my 4" blocks, I'll need (4 x 2) + 1 = 9 inch squares of neutral fabric.

I also made a template from a newspaper of the size of 2 times my finished block. i.e. 8" square.
Make this template from PAPER and NOT plastic.

Step 1

Place your paper template over your fabric square. Center it roughly.

Fold over one corner as shown and press it.

Repeat with all four corners.

Now fold over one edge along the template and press it.

Again repeat with all four sides.

Remove the template. Now turn the block over and fold the block in half and press it.

Now fold it to a quarter and press again. 

Now you have the center of the square marked with the creases.

Take one corner and fold it over such that the corner is aligned with the center as shown. Press.

Repeat with all four corners.

Once again repeat the above drill. Pressing as you go.

Here's how your block will look like.

Make all your blocks in this way.

Now take your blocks, two a time. Pin two of the sides together as shown (using the yellow pin) making sure that the creases are aligned and pin down the others so that they stay safe as shown (using the purple pins).

Sew along the pinned crease.

Repeat with other blocks, sewing them in pairs. Now take two such pairs and sew them together the same way. 

Now sew down the loose corners at the center of each block using a few stitches.

Measure the "window" size. In my case, the blocks are 4" x 4" and the windows are about 2 5/8 " square.

Cut fabric of a size slightly smaller than the measured size. I have used 2.5" squares. Pin fabrics in the center of the windows.

Now carefully pin down one side as shown.

Starting from one corner stitch along the curve using a small stitch length.

There you have your first window!

Repeat with all the sides of all the windows and you will have your 8" x 8"  block!!!

Add more blocks in the same manner...

Here's my 4 - 8" blocks sewn together...

You could make many more such blocks and make them into a quilt (if you have got that kind of patience). Or make it into a pillow!

Whatever you make, please email me a photo of it so that I can write about it on my blog. :)



  1. That is an awesome tutorial shruti. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Great tutorial Shruti! I love the table cloth too!

  3. I have yet to try this by machine! Beautiful!!! :)
    (I have a hand done wall hanging, and a whole "bee" made me a stuffed quilt one by hand)

  4. Great tutorial, you make it look so easy. Got to be better than working on this baby quilt with the ENDLESS borders that I'm doing right now.

  5. Shruti. This is really very clear. Will try one and send you a picture. I really like your finished one!

  6. Cathedral windows is something I've wanted to do for a while, so that's what I'm working on for my January challenge. The method I'm using is slightly different...hope it turns out as well as yours. Thank you for sharing your very clear instructions.

  7. Great tutorial Shruti. I put off trying this pattern, but I want to try it now! Thanks.


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