Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finish # 4 of 2012 : Large Pinwheel - Quilt in a day!

After making two quilts, writing one tutorial and working on the ABC posts, I had got thinking that this week has been really productive...

But I just surpassed my own expectations!

I finished another quilt! In just one day!

Okay, I admit the design is easy peasy... But still, its a quilt... And I made it in just ONE day!!!

Here's my finish # 4 of 2012 - Large Pinwheel

I have always loved this fabric from Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms! And I feel that this design does justice to the fabric...

I used my lovely Pink gingham for the backing... It is linen, but a soft variety of it...

I also like how the front, baking and the binding (from my Urbanista bundle) go together...

This one's ready and packed now...  

Dont you guys wonder, sometimes, what I do with all these baby quilts I make? No, I'm not having another baby. I know thats what came to your mind first.

I am having an exhibition in Mumbai at Juhu sometime in April. Have not decided on the dates. But the theme for the exhibition is Baby! Thats the reason I'm making all these quilts! Finally will be making some money from what I do!



  1. Congratulations on the exhibition. For me, I am having big difficulty is getting a response from a potential big customer. She had wanted baby quilts using batiks and I am just about done making nine quilts. i have been calling the shop almost every other day.

  2. Nice. Yes, I did wonder who all these were for. Best of luck for the exhibition.

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  4. hello shruti, just came to know about your wonderful blog thru nima's... very pretty quilt!:)


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