Friday, January 13, 2012

FQS! Oh, Fransson!! Friday!!!

Finally here it is... My January post for FQS! Oh, Fransson!! Friday!!!

So what did I play with this month?

Well, I have been smitten by Elizabeth's Echino Improv Quilt for a while... It all started here... While she was thinking about what to do with the Fall 2010 Echino Bundle... (The easiest thing would have been to send it to me, though! But then I'd never have had this wonderful inspiration)

image from Oh, Fransson

One thing

led to another 

and a beautiful set of blocks was born!

which then, promptly multiplied to make this beautiful quilt top!

And the scraps

 lent themselves into this beautiful back!

It was then, lovingly quilted

and bound to make Elizabeth cozy... 

Oh, how I love this quilt!!!

Wishing I could make one for myself... But the cost of Echino Fabric (dont forget the shipping!) daunted me and scared me off... I felt like a sparrow who flew in to eat a few grains from a field but was scared of a crow being there...

But then I dared...

And I ordered, not one, but four bundles of these scrap packs from Imagine Fabrics...  

The owner, Jo was a generous lady and she also sent me some "extra" scraps!!! Wow!!!

I didn't have enough fabric for the quilt, so I decided to make pillows...

It was a daunting task... 

Required a lot of pulling out fabric and dropping the idea of using it... 

Then there was a awful long time I poured over the color combination of each pillow...

It took me 3 days just to design the blocks...

But in the end, these beauties were born...

Aren't they gorgeous?

Here are the individual ones...

First up is my Green Giraffe

Then, my Brown Birdie

The Purple Pigeon

The Pink Panther

And the Lime Little One (Could not think of a bird name from L ;))

Don't they look just gorgeous ??

And even better, all stacked up!

What did you make?

Link it up... 


  1. Well done Shruti. Great job! They're beautiful.

  2. What beautiful cushions you made! Great job!!

  3. What a wonderful experience you are having with this idea of yours. And who better to emulate than Elizabeth?

    These pillows are SO wonderful! btw....the bird could be a Lark....or given the size of it, a Lilliputian Lark. :)

  4. I can see why you LOVE the quilt...I love what you have done with the scraps xx


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