Friday, February 3, 2012

ABC of Quilting Post # 22

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Very Handmade : Hand Quilting

My experience with hand quilting is very limited. But while I made my quilt, I realized that its not as hard as I thought it would be.

I was scared that I would never finish the quilt that I started, but ended up not only finishing it in a day, but relaxing in a way I had not done is quite some time!

So here's a short skit on how-to hand quilt!

Hand quilting maybe time consuming but it produces the softest finish on a quilt.

Quilting needles are very fine and can pierce the skin quite easily, so please get yourself a thimble - and get a good one - to protect your fingers.

Whether you are using a hoop or a frame, make sure you are sitting comfortably and in good light before you begin. When I quilted this one, I did not use a hoop or a frame. I just basted it, laid it on the table and did it. But that was because it was only straight line. Working with shapes is better when you're using hoops.

Thread a small betweens needle (size 8) with a single length of quilting thread and tie a knot at the end. The knot must be small enough to pull through the fabric yet large enough to catch in the batting. Take a small stitch into the quilt top and through the batting.

Pull the needle through and tug the thread sharply to pull the knot through the quilt top to catch in the batting layer.

Use a thimble to guide the needle at an angle through the layers and then bring the needle back through to the surface. Take several stitches at a time along the needle before pulling the thread through. Try to make the stitches all the same size (with practice you will be able to make them smaller). The stitches will probably come out smaller and more irregular on the wrong side. I did it one stitch at a time so that my stitches were even on both sides. Mine was a double sided quilt!

End the quilting with a knot tugged into the batting. Wind the thread twice around the needle and insert it through the quilt top and batting. Bring the needle back out on the surface and tug the thread sharply to sink the knot into the batting. Trim the thread end.

You're done!

Go enjoy your beautiful quilt!


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