Friday, February 10, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Its been quite some time since I have joined Shay's blog hop...

I have been missing it, but I have had a lot on my mind lately... So I decided to opt out of it... 

But I want to jump into it again... And here I am with my favorite thing this week...


I am an architect and planning is what I have been taught to do... If you just went on adding one room after the other to make a house how would that look?

Well, its not ugly, but you'll never know what it will look like till its done and do you have that kind of patience? Or money?

Apply the same to entire aspect of your life...

If you do not plan (you might not go through it, but it would be good to actually have a plan) you will never know in which direction to go!

Yes, life throws you off course, then what? Make a new plan! Who said we cannot do that?

I love to plan everything... I might not actually go ahead and do the stuff I have planned, but I do have a plan!

Like my weightloss plan! Did you know that if I follow it I will reach my ideal weight of 130 lbs before my next birthday!!! Wow! Sometimes just knowing the destination makes you so happy that you do not bother to go through with the plan! LOL...

Same goes to my quilt...

I have a lot of notebooks that have these pages...

Okay, the photo is upside down, but you can get the gist!

I have many like this too...

If I were to actually make all the quilts I planned, I would sell them and be RICH! 

I love the process of planning more than the process of implementing it... (Would I not be thinner if I would have implemented it?) I love making lists and dreaming.

And thats what is my favorite thing this week, PLANNING!!!

What about you? Do you plan things or do you do them randomly?

I'd love to know...


If you are here to look for the ABC of Quilting series. Here is where you'll find all the posts.


  1. planning is not my strong point. I admire people who are good at planning .. I was good at math you'd think I could do the planning for quilting. Great favorite!!

  2. I sometimes use EQ to plan my quilts, but i usually just do it in my head first and then use EQ to help with diagrams for my patterns.

  3. I agree with you, nothing like a good plan and yes you don't always have to go thru with it, good point! :-)

  4. I'm a planner too. I like to know what's going to happen or what I need to do . I am getting better at changing plans too. I think that flexibility/acceptance comes with age.

    I love lists too....

  5. I plan in my head certainly but it doesn't seem organised to any one but me.I do love lists and crossing things off it.


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